Solo leveling : Light novel vs manhwa ( webtoon) which is better ?

Solo leveling: Light novel vs manhwa ( webtoon ) which is better?

The big question anime, manga, manhwa, manhua or light novel. If you are someone who loves this community then you would definitely have heard these terms.

But if you didn’t then let’s first discuss them then will see which is better solo leveling manhwa Or light novel.

Manga vs manhwa vs manhua vs light novel

Sung jin woo solo leveling manhwa

All these terms all are interconnected as all references to the same medium just the difference is the language, the country or the colour they uses.

Manga is basically comics from Japan. They are written from right to left and their Japanese version is written from top to down.

Some famous examples of manga are one piece, naruto, bleach, death note, etc. They are black and white in colour and the author of manga is known as a mangaka.

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Manhwa is a Korean comic, the difference between manga and manhwa is that they are written from left to right just like English comics and they are mostly colored.

Our favorite solo leveling is also a kind of manhwa. Some other famous manhwa are returners magic should be special, skeleton soldier should be special, the beginning after the end, etc.

Manhua is a Chinese comic they are written from right to left just like manga but they are colored comics and there are many times when you will not even understand the difference between manhwa and manhua when you read.

Manhwa and manhua are also sometimes miss understood as webtoons.

Light novel  as the name suggest is a kind of novel but as we know that novels are a book telling us the story of a character in very depth in a single or series of book.

But light novel comprises many different chapters which give the author ability to publish each chapter at regular interval so he can build up an audience as the story progress, they can be many times longer than a novel but except that everything else is the same.

There are many times when one of them is also adapted in another form like solo leveling which was originally a light novel that because of popularity got turned into manhwa and maybe it will also have an anime adaptation.

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Solo leveling Story

Solo leveling manhwa

Solo leveling is the story of Sung Jin Woo in a world where mosters started to appear from an portal to another world.

And our Sung gets some special powers (the power of death) to fight against them.

Solo Leveling Light Novel

I Alone Level-Up known as Solo Leveling is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by Chu-Gong (추공) on February 14, 2014. It was then serialized as a novel in Papyrus that ended with 14 volumes and 270 chapters.

Since light novels have a longer duration to publish and slow pacing there is more time to focus on narrative structure than manga or manhwa.

There were many changes in the solo leveling manhwa where many chapters or parts had to be left alone cause they were feeling or emotions that could not be illustrated in the manhwa.

Some inner thoughts or the character could also not be accurately captured in the manhwa.

And these things are the things that make the light novels more preferred in terms of connecting to the story.

Light novels are mostly made for adults and sometimes there are illustrations in the light novel but they are not very detailed.

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Where to read I Alone Level Up Solo Leveling Light Novel

So now if you are thinking where can you find the place to read this awesome light novel then you can read it here.

Solo Leveling Manhwa

The manhwa of solo leveling has a very attractive illustration and the mangaka has captured many emotions very well in graphics and art style was the reason it became so popular.

But the pace of manhwa is often really fast cause it has to complete the story but not use any illustrations for a single scene which results in many things being left out from the light novel.

That is the reason why I will suggest that you should read the light novel but if you are new to manga and manhwa, and only looking for a good manhwa then reason the manhwa.

Where can you read Solo Leveling Manga?

If you want to read solo leveling online then I prefer that you read it on their official website.

Its first season was translated by a group known as jaminibox but it dropped it after season one now a new group is doing the translation and if you wish you can read it here solo leveling manga online.


Solo leveling manhwa vs light novel if I were to say then I will put light novel always above but manhwa was how I found about the novel so it’s up to your own opinion which you prefer more.

And guys I had also made a recommendation list of manga like solo leveling if you like to check it out.

Solo Leveling Anime When Will It Come

Now since we have talked about the manga manhwa and the light novel let’s talk about the solo leveling anime.

Seeing the popularity of the solo leveling manhwa with the perfect storyline and best character development there have been many rumors in the anime community regarding its anime adaptation.

Currently, nothing has been finalized but there had been a petition by the fans to make it into an anime.

There is a chance that we will get to see its anime really soon but no date has been finalized. Fans are hoping that it gets picked up by anime studio-like madhouse and Ufotable who are masters in their craft.

And there is also a rumor that Netflix is also eager to work towards solo leveling anime adaptation into a live-action movie.

Nothing has been finalized nor do we know who is going to do the acting or voice-over if it came to starting production.

Let’s just hope that it comes to become an anime really soon.

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