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Stranger Things Monsters Ranked From season 1-4

Stranger Things has been a hit among the netflix shows which have come out in the years.

When it came out it had connected many people with it and as a result of that love it’s now has completed its 4th season and now the final and last season 5 will be aired on 2023.

And in these long 4 season it has shown us many monsters from upside down and today we will rank them based on how dangerous they are.

  • Demodog
  • Demobats
  • Demogorgon
  • Hivemind vines
  • Fleshy Mindflayer
  • Mindflayer
  • Vecna
Monsters in stranger Things ranked


The monster which we got to see in season 2 was the demodog who firstly Dustin has taken as a pet when he was just a slug.

Demodog are in the growing stage of becoming an adult demogorgon.

The are fast than demogorgon just not as powerful. They are also connected to the hivemind.

But it was the first time that we saw them going against hivemind when ‘Dart ‘ Dustin pet demodog did not attack him even when it was ordered to do so by mindflayer.


Season 4 came with its new monster version of the ‘ Demo ‘ species the demobats.

They care the fastest among all the demo monsters and can also fly.

They have tentacles like arms which make them resemble the monster Chthullu just the minified version of it.

They have taken the life of Eddie in season 4 volume 2. And they showed the resemblence to demogorgon as they were attracted by music towards them.

They have blood sucking mouth and piranha like teeth as the place where they bitten got a cut.

They are not just dangerous but have very good intellect as they were able to deduce that they could easily get in van of Dustin and Eddie through the airwents.



The first ever monster introduced to use us in season 1 of stranger Things. Demogorgon are the most dangerous physically they are no match for a dozen of humans.

And they are not only brute but also have good intellect to understand the right time to attack and to run.

In season 4 again we saw them in Russia fighting against Hopper giving him a hard time.

We just did not get to see his ability to come and go from upside down after season 1.

But they are going to play a large part in Vecna army in season 5.

Hivemind Vines

From season 1 to season 4 the one monster everyone had to be careful about at all time in upside down was the demon vines.

They were connected to the hive but at the same time had a intellect to trap any person who touches them and choke them to death.

Secondly they need only time to spread so if Hopper did not find them within time they could have spread all whole world within months.

They were also the biggest problem for Steve, Robin and Nancy in Vecns house snd if Hopper did not hurt Demogorgon in Russia they would be dead.

Fleshy mindflayer

Now in season two the mindflayer remaining section left on earth used the body of others and their fleash to make himself a body resembling a spider.

He was directly connected to the mindflayer and was using Billy as the second in command to get him his army.

And if Billy had not gonne against the mindflayer and break the bond for a few minutes and sacrifice himself doing this Eleven could not have been able to defeat him.


Mindflayer or the shadow from the upside down is like a most form who did not had a body of his own but after getting in contact to 001 or Victor he took on the form he desired.

And connected with him. He is kind the king or master of upside down before Vecna turned it in his desired form.

We can say that mindflayer is the one who gave authority of upside down to Vecna and then Vecna is the commander of his army.



The person who started this also and the very first pshychic who was born with his powers and also the reason why he and eleven are so powerful.

Vecna was abolished into the upside down when El destroyed his physical body after he had massacred all the other children in the hawkins lab.

He was abducted by Dr. Brenner when he was a child after coming to know about what he has done.

But after getting in upside down and getting his powers amplified there he starts to kill people on earth and now he has opened a rift which now directly connect upside down to Hawkins.

Now as he said his motive was to destroy humanity we will see a very exciting and great war happening in season 5.

So guys what do you think and do you agree with the ranking if not comment down below and tell your opinion.

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