Strongest Hunter X Hunter Characters

Strongest Character From Hunter X hunter Ranked 2022 By the End

Hunter x hunter has been an anime which was among the best anime for many decades but after the health of its mangaka declining it’s has seen a very long hiatus in its manga and because of that there is no new season of anime coming anytime soon.

And its story has stopped on the hunter president arc.

So in this list we will be ranking all hxh characters who are the strongest by that time.

  1. Killua
  2. Alluka Zoldyck
  3. Illumi zoldyck
  4. Shaiapouf
  5. Hisoka
  6. Silva Zoldyck
  7. Chrollo Lucifer
  8. Zeno Zoldyck
  9. Biscuit Krueger
  10. Ging
  11. Neferpitou
  12. Menthuthuyoupi
  13. Netero
  14. Meruem
  15. Adult Gon
Strongest Hunter X Hunter Characters
Strongest Hunter X Hunter Characters

Killua Zoldyck

Killua has achieved many great feats on his name by the end of the anime.

He is the youngest son and most gifted of the world most renowned assassin family.

He had been trained from birth to be a cold blooded murderer.

But after he met Gon and made some true friends he decided to change his way of life and live how he wants.

After getting his hunter license he trained his nen to be able to control and use lightning for his attack and defense.

In his electric form he achieves the speed of light and the killing powers of thunders.

But still he had a long way to train and learn to properly use his powers as currently he can’t attack continuosly in that form and many others can take advantage of this weakness.

Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka is the younger sister of Killua but what make her more stronger than killua is the being who lives inside her body which belongs to the dark continent named Nanika.

There is no explanation how it got into Alluka body but Nanika is able to grant any wish whatsoever Killua ask from her he just has to fulfill 3 request of her.

and the thing is after a requesrt is granted the next three wishes will be difficult to fulfill but Nanika dont ask Killua to do anything.

Illumi Zoldyck

Another Zoldyck in this list is Illumi the youngest son of the zoldyck. Illumi is the eldest brother of Killua and had been doing the assassins work for many years now.

He dont like Killua leaving the family and leaving the assassin work for that he had gonne to kill Gon in front of Killlua which he thought will make Killua return to the family.

He is a master of disguise and can completely change his appearance along with his nen signature.

He is a friend of Hisoka and he has many connections which makes him very dangerous and powerful chatracter.


Shaiapouf is one of the royal guard chimera ant who had been directly under meruem.

He is a butterfly humanoid who is able to turn his body into many small chibi like form and dissperse into air and get away in many directions.

He was the only among the royal guard who did not like meruem, he only idolised the ideal King he wanted Meruem to be like.

He even tried to kill Komugi when Meruem had forgot his memories.

Shaiapouf is among the strongest chimera ant and in terms of strategy and plannning he is the strongest among the royal guards.


Hisoka is the most loved villian of hunter x hunter not because of him wearing a joker dress but because of his personality.

Hisoka do not have a powerful nen ability but how he uses him makes it difficult for nealry all his opponent to grasp where he will attack.

He loves to fight with strong opponent and will not fight those he think could develop in the future in case of Gon and Killua or those whose real powers are sealed like in case of Chrollo the head of the spiders.

Silva Zoldyck

Silva is the father of Killua and a master of Nene. He had defeated a member of the phantom troupe and had fought with Chrollo the leader of the phatom troupe twice the result of the first fight is not known but in the second Chrollo barely survived.

But both of the time but survived to tell it.

Silva has been contacted by Netero to distract the ant soldiers in Meruem castle so that Netero could take him away for a life and death fight.

Silva can produce two huge orb of nen with huge destructive power in both of his hands using which he killed Cheetu from sky by diving from his dragon.

It was even stated that those orb could kill Zeno and chrollo if they both gets a direct hit.

Chrollo Lucifer

Now Chrollo Lucifer is the head or the leader of the phatom troupe the world renowened group of thief.

Chrollo came from a city which was constantly under war and where only the fit could survive.

His nen ablity makes him able to steal anyone nen ability after some conditions are met. And he can then use them as he wants but only for once.

He Alsio has a genius level intellect, he was able to deduce that he would not be able to defeat Silva and Zeno in a 2 against one fight so he hired Illumi before to kill the client who hired them.

Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno is the father of Silva nd grandfather of Killua. He is among the oldest assassin in the Zoldyck family except his grandfather Maha. So in that time he had gained an immnese amount of experience and powers.

Zeno used his nen in the form of a drgaon to break down in form of shard on top of the meruems fortress and resulted in harming Komugi.

Biscuit Krueger

BIscuit Krueger is the person who had taught Gon and Killua how to use Nen and in terms of power she is among the strongest female we have known in the anime other than Neferpitou.

BIscuit appearance may look like a teenager but in actual she has been compressing her nen to maintain hger appearance but in actual she is of more than 40 years of age and once she releases her nen she gets a sudden burst of nen aura.

And in that form she could easily take on multiple Chimera ants with nen abilities.


Ging the father of Gon had stayed away from him to travel the world as a adventure hunter.

He is a memeber of the hunter assossiation and among the 12 zodiacs who were choosen peronally by Netero and he was assigned as the Boar.

The chairman of the hunter assossiation Netero had once told Biscuit that Ging was among the top 5 best users of Nen.


Neferpitou was the most loyal among the Royal guards of Meruem.

Her nen allowed her to control the minds of 10000 humans and also she was able to cure very bad injuries.

Neferpitou nen aura had great amount of killing intent towards Gon when he showed his real powers from future which could be dangerous for her king in future.

She is a cat humanoid chimera so she has instinct and agility of a cat.


Menththuyoupi is the strongest royal guard all hus powers mostly comes to his physical strength.

When he was introduced he was a brute who puts muscles first before brain.

But during his fight with knuckle, Moral and shoot he matured enough to be able to use his rage to evolve and achieve his actual strength.

He previously did not had wings but after evolving got a pair of wings and 2 additional legs like a horse.


Netero the chairman of the hunter association is a person who had lived for more than 400 years after grasping the essence of nature.

Netero was the only person able to fight equally to Meruem for some time.

He had fought with many strong opponent in his lufe, he was the only person alive after fighting with Maja Zoldyck the grand father of Zeno zoldyck.

In terms of Nen there is no person in the whole continent with his level of Nen pool.


Meruem the king of chimera ant was a being who was from the dark continent as was told to us by Ging.

Meruem had an immense nen pool even more than Netero.

And Netero was not able to defeat him directly he had to use a trick to kill him with the poison of Miniature rose.

Meruem could easily defeat the three of his royal guards very easily within minutes.

Adult Gon

Adult Gon was able to gets all of his future Nen abilities and powers for exchange of his nen getting completely sealed.

And this kind of condition which involved this high risk resulted in Gon be coming the strongest nen user in HXH.

Neferpitou has said that this Gon was able to hurt his master the chimera ant King Meruem.

Adult Gon could defeat Netero, Hisoka, Meruem and all thr Royal guards.

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