10 Strongest Characters in One Piece After Wano Arc

One-piece has taken a huge step by eliminating two yonko emperors of the sea and by making wano free from the hands of the Shogun. But with all this, the power structure of one piece world is completely going to change.

Many of the characters who had participated in the wano war had developed by leaps and bounds and are now among the strongest in the one-piece world.

And today we will rank all the characters who are now the strongest now that the border of Wano is now in the hands of Momonosuke.

Strongest One Piece Characters After Wano

  • Gol D Roger
  • Shanks
  • Rocks D Xebec
  • Monkey D Luffy
  • Blackbeard
  • Kaido (| )
  • Big Mom (| )
  • Trafalgar D Law
  • Captain Kid
  • Whitebeard (| )
  • Monkey D Garp
  • Roronoa Zoro
  • Dracule Mihawk
  • Momonosuke

Gol D Roger

Gol D Roger piarate king one piece

Gol D Roger the king of the pirate was a person who was able to reach the end of the one-piece grand sea and reach Raftel and discovered the secrets of the Void Century in his pirate life he had fought with many strong opponents without any devil fruit with just his haki and his opponent included Captain of the rock pirate Xebec, Captain of the whitebeard pirate whitebeard, legendary marine Garp and many more which proves that there is no one even till now in one piece who is more strong as Gol D Roger.

Gol D Roger if was not infected by his incurable disease would still be alive and will be the strongest pirate in one piece.


Shanks now after the defeat of Big Mom and Kaido is the only yonko alive other than Blackbeard. And Shanks’s power and reach go all over the world, he like someone who did not have a devil fruit even than was able to take the haki of whitebeard head-on and other than the key character who had stopped the marine ford war with just his appearance there.

The marine stopped, pirates, stopped because all of them knew even if they fought the small amount of crew of the red hair pirate was able to bring all the warriors down to their knees.

And if not there will be much larger bloodshed than whitebeard who was ill with Illness and this yonko who is currently in all his healthy form.

Rock D Xebec

Rock D Xebec has not been shown directly in the manga or the anime but we came to know about his power from the pirates and the marines.

He was the captain of the rock pirate who had crew members like Kaido, Big Mom, and Whitebeard all under him, and we know all of them are monsters and to control them a monster master was needed and that person was Xebec.

He had fought with Gol Roger and Garp and was defeated but if he had survived there will be no future for the marines or any pirate after Roger’s death.

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Monkey D Luffy

One piece pirate King luffy

Luffy before Wano was not actually very strong and would have been way down in this list if he had not awakened his devil fruit which we come to know is actually the human-human fruit model Nika. Which makes him have the power to transform his body any way he likes.No longer is he a rubber man but his only limit to using his power is his imagination and therefore he has to have this place on our list.

He had also defeated Kaido on his own who had fought with Shanks and was regarded as the strongest human so those places now belong to Luffy.


With the power of two devil fruit and having some of the most hideous villains who had made their name in marine for being very dangerous Blackbeard had to be on this list.

He firstly has the dark devil fruit which allows him to control darkness which is the power of chaos of nothingness and his other devil fruit Whitebeard’s quake-quake fruit which on the ocean and land is very powerful. We still have not seen him in action other than in the marine fold war but still, his power would be increasing and we still don’t know if he can have a third devil fruit power or not.


Kaido One PIece

Kaido is called the strongest creature in the pirate world.. Kaido with his dragon fruit had the power to control fire in his breath, can use thunder, and create clouds with his legs to fly in the sky. He is one of the strongest conqueror haki users in the anime. From his birth had super human-like strength and being experimented on by the marine may have advanced his those talents.

Kaido was among the very few people in one piece who control conqueror haki to completely overlap a part of his body which Hyogoro called Ryou who taught it to Luffy which was the reason for Kaido’s defeat.

Big Mom

big mom the yonko from one piece

Big Mom is the only female yonkou among the beast but the reason for that is that she herself is a monster from birth. Even though being an offspring of normal humans he had the physique of giants from childhood.

She had the strength, endurance, and hunger like them. And in, that age she got the power of her soul fruit and was not guided on the right path, and as a result, she had chosen the wrong path in her life.

Her soul fruit gives her many abilities from giving life to inanimate objects, taking the souls of others, and consuming it but there is a problem with it this does not work if the person on target is someone who does not fear death as we saw in case of JInbe.

And even though she is now defeated it took the combined effort of both Kid and Trafalgar Law in order to defeat her and not directly they just had thrown her in the ocean.

Trafalgar D Law And Captain Kid

Here I have put both of them in the same spot because when they fight alone they would not have gotten in this last there are much more powerful than them but their combined effort in defeating Big Mom and their teamwork was very great which made their power increase by double and therefore they combine deserve this place.


whitebeard one piece

Whitebeard before his death was known by the name of the strongest man in the pirate world. He was the rival of Gol D Roger soon to be the pirate king. He had fought with him in many battles and was once a member of the rock pirate and his devil fruit gives him the ability to cause earthquakes and force tremors in the air.

Whitebeard other than his devil fruit was among the people who had one of the 12 supreme swords Murakumogiri. Even when he was going through disease eating his body he was able to take many marines, and pirates head-on in the marine ford arc.

Monkey D Garp

monkey d garp marine one piece

Garp had to be on the top of this list if he had not retired from his marine work and had not aged because he was someone in the marine who had fought for a lot of time on the ground had fought against many strong pirates like the pirate king Gol D roger, rock D Xebec and many more. He is therefore called the legendary marine.

But after seeing his adopted grandson Ace die in the marine ford he had decided to no longer do his marine work and retired but still, the marines called him back to teach the new recruits.

Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa zoro samurai with black sword one piece

Roronoa Zoro in this list has been placed above Dracule Mihawk even though Mihawk was the one who had taught Roronoa Zoro to use haki to cover his sword with Haki and he is a much greater swordsman for a much longer but this all changed in Wano. Mihaw was not shown to be able o use conqueror haki on his sword but Zoro had used conqueror haki against Kaido because of which he was able to cut Kaido which up till now only Oden was able to do.

we also know that conqueror haki keeps growing with the growth of the user and as Zoro grows his power is going to increase and will be someone who will become the greatest swordsman real soon.

Dracule Mihawk

Dracule mihawk zoro's teacher one piece

Currently, he is regarded as the strongest swordsman in the pirate world and has even fought with Shanks many times before Shanks lost his one arm. He can use both armament haki and observation haki and using his armament haki he can cover his swords with it and make them able to cut anything.

He only uses his blade on the worthy opponent and for other weak, he keeps a knife with him using which he fights them.


Physically Momonosuke is not strong nor does he have battle experience, he is currently not able to efficiently use the dragon-dragon devil fruit either but now he has become the ruler of Wano and has a lot of warriors and samurai under him.

And him actually growing up gave him the complete form of Kaido dragon form and now with time, he is going to learn to use this fruit ability also we do know that he can talk with Zunesha and he is tasked with following all his orders and that is why he is one who has a lot of powers on his hands to use.

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