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The 10 Strongest Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Z has been here for a very long time from being the story based on the Monkey King Sun Wukong o turning out into a story of intergalactic fighting, aliens, and whatnot gods.

Dragon Ball in all these years has given us many great characters and since this is based on action and fighting some of these characters are very very strong and especially among all the Saiyan races to which Goku and Vegeta belong are on the top.

So today in this list we are going to list all the top strongest super saiyans up till dragon ball super.

Strongest Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Super

  • Goten
  • Trunks
  • Cabba
  • Caulifa
  • Kale
  • Future Trunks
  • Gohan
  • Broly
  • Vegeta
  • Goku



In terms of battle experience and real-life battle both Goten and Trunks don’t have much experience but since they have the blood of Saiyan going through their body they are born warriors.

Goten is the son of Goku who we all know how much he loves a good fight, and seeing him we do that his son would have taken some of his fighting genes and Goten is at this age able to transform into a Saiyan.

And even without real-life experience, they had trained under the warrior of the earth, his father Goku, by his brother Gohan and so he is able to defeat any other warrior who comes from the earth.



Well, the same goes for Trunks but the thing different here from Goten for Trunks is his father Vegeta we all have seen whenever he is with his son they are always training.

So trunks from a very young age are able to give pressure on even many dbz warriors and even Vegeta was amazed when he saw that Trunks was able to transform into a Super Saiyan and give him a good fight.


Now we have Cabba from universe 6 even though he just came to learn about the super Saiyan power inside him from the fight with Vegeta and is on the lower scale cause he is only on super Saiyan 1 and does not seem to be a person who is interested in fight seeing his muscle mass.

But since Saiyan is a race of warriors and he is only now able to use his Saiyan power he can evolve a lot in the future.



Caulifa is the only Saiyan warrior from universe 6 who was eager to fight and loved to fight stronger opponents which we can see from her personality.

She learned to use the super Saiyan 2 form during his fight with Goku and her power increase in terms of universe 6 Saiyan was immense.

She is somewhat very similar in nature to Goku who loves a good fight and is not evil by heart and also who doesn’t think before doing.

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Future Trunks


Future Trunks came from the future to tell the Z warriors about something bad happening. First, we see the future trunks from the Android Saga where he came to Earth to give Goku An antidote to stop a disease in his body that time he was able to defeat Frieza, Cooler, and their father with ease.

The second time Trunks came was in Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super when Black Goku appears for the first time. He is a very skilled fighter and the only Z warrior who is skilled at using a sword, Gohan did learn but did not master it. His appearance and his power made Vegeta proud that sometime in the future even if he cants become the strongest his son will.



Gohan had trained alit with his father. The first time he had shown his potential was with Piccolo. He was the one who had defeated Cell and was very near or even ahead of Goku and Vegeta at that time but since he had stopped his training and had focused more on his studies his senses had dulled quite a bit.

But even then it does not mean that he is weak in any form. He had defeated many strong opponents in the tournament of power and proved that if he focus again on his training he could go ahead of Goku and Vegeta.


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Kale is the universe 6 version of Broly. She is very shy and timid when she is in her base form but when she transforms into her Saiyan form she completely goes Berserk.

She doesn’t have any control over her powers and she becomes the hulk of Dragon ball . She attacks people in her team, any building mountain anything. But in that form, she was able to fight equal ith Goku in ss3.

She is maybe the legendary super Saiyan of universe 3 and maybe had the blood of Broly flowing in her veins.



Now comes the turn of the legendary super Saiyan Broly who had no need to turn canon. And there in the movie we also saw that Broly in his Saiyan form was able to fight and defeat both Goku and Vegeta alone until they did not fuse into Gogeta. And for sure if they had not fused on time or had done even a single mistake in fusion Goku and Vegeta would again need the dragon ball to revive and come back from the dead.


Vegeta has always been a character who was created to always struggle and keep trying to beat Goku and is the embodiment of hard work and talent He had developed a lot from his time of coming in the series

From being a ruthless murderer to becoming a caring father Vegeta had evolved a lot also in terms of his power . Other than Goku there is no one who can stay ahead of him for so long other than Goku with the Plot armor.


Goku is the character who came into our life as a cute little kid who did not knew the difference between a male and female to becoming a god of his race .

Goku has faced many strong opponent in his lifetime he had been defeated but each and every time he got stronger and now he is a god whom even the gods of destruction fear cause of his ultra instinct.

In There has not been many who had mastered ultra instinct not even beerus but if Goku is able to master it in his base form then he will be a character no one in his universe could ever defeat.

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