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Naruto is full of powerful ninjutsu and they have divided into many parts from the genjutsu (mind jutsu) , senjutsu ( nature chakra jutsu) and taijutsu (physical power) and today we will tell you the strongest taijutsu user in Naruto.

This list will only contain characters from Naruto shippuden and not from the rip off version of Naruto (Boruto).

Strongest Taijutsu Users

Taijutsu ( literally “body technique” or “body skill”) is a Japanese blanket term for any combat skill, technique or system of martial art using body movements that are described as an empty-hand combat skill or system. Taijutsu is a synonym for Jujutsu.

We have seen many taijutsu users but many of their skill are more than above most so we will list them down below from the strong to the strongest.

  • Sakura Haruno
  • Rock Lee
  • Tsunade
  • Neji Hyuga
  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Killer B
  • A (fourth raikage)
  • Madara Uchiha
  • Hashirama Senju
  • Might Guy
  • Otsutsuki Kaguya

Naruto Shippuden Strongest Taijutsu Users

Sakura Haruno

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Sakura for most of the time in the series was just regarded as a weak character but main reason was that she was compared with her group 7 other members Naruto Sasuke and Sai but on herself she was also a very powerful character.

She had learned her taijutsu and medical ninjutsu directly under one of the legendary sannin Tsunade . And whe saw her skill in action during her fight with Sasori which proved her worth.

Rock Lee

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Rock Lee was among the very first character who had shined the brightest in the chunin exam in Naruto. Kakashi had said it that not even many masters are able to open even one gate of eight gates but Lee with his rigorous training was able to open the 5th gate at age twelve, 6th gate by 17 and all the eight gates in his adulthood.

The are not many people who can defeat him in taijutsu and after mighty guy in his adulthood he is the one regarded as the strongest taijutsu user. He was also the only person to be able to break the defense of Haara sand shield.


One of the three legendary sannin was for the most of the time in the series had took the role of the hokage and only during her flashback and after Sasuke attack on the page summits did we got to see her in action.

During the fourth ninja war she acted as a tank whose attack completely destroyed the surrounding with her punches well it is obvious knowing that shw is granddaughter of Hashirama and has immense chakra.

She also keep this chakra most of the time stored in the seal at her head for a sudden burst of chakra. Other than her taijutsu punches she is also a very skilled medical ninja.

Neji Hyuga

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Neji was from the byakuga clan and was regarded as a genius but since he was not from the main clan house he was not allowed to learn clan’s advanced techniques. However, even without formal instruction, he learned how to perform many of these techniques from observation alone. 

Neji specialised in taijutsu. He excelled at systematically taking down his opponents with precise strikes to key points in the body. Even more, he demonstrated blazing speed and combined with superb reflexes, coordination, and agility, he could seamlessly dodge nearly any attack while simultaneously able to counterattack his opponent. 

Naruto Uzumaki


Naruto is our main protagonist but for the most of the time of the series we didn’t see him much using taijutsu firstly he started to develop on his ninjutsu along with Jiraiya and only after losing Jiraiya and learning Senjutsu dod he actually started to shine in taijutsu.

Because senjutsu connects the user to nature and gives him advanced speed, agility and senses using which he became a really capable enough to defeat very strong opponent with his body.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is mostly remembered for his fire style, lightning style and sharingan ninjutsu but being a sharingan user and a member of Uchiha clan he had the blood in him and a cheat in form of sharingan to became a taijutsu master.

His body is also trained him to be very strong as for his key move chidori the user should be very fast which for which he trained with kakashi for very long which also help in his taijutsu.

Killer B

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Killer B was the jinchuriki of the 8th tail in the Naruto shippuden which was taken from him in boruto but even then before getting the tailed beast in the flashback we have seen that he was a fighter and a wrestler from his childhood.

And also the only jinchuriki whom Naruto met who has good relation with the tailed beast. Killer B was feared by most of his opponents and when he is alongside his brother the raikage A he is a beast their combined lariat .

Killer B’s signature technique is his Disturbance Taijutsu, in which he wields 7 knives at once– one in his left armpit, one in both curled elbows, one in his right shoulder, one supported by his right leg and stomach, and another in the knee area of his right leg, and finally, one in his mouth, none of which are held with his hands. 

A Fourth Raikage

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Just like B his brother A the fourth raikage is also very skilled in taijutsu and has a very much love for wrestling just as much as his adoptive brother B. A’s signature fighting style is a combination of taijutsu and ninjutsu to form the powerful nin-taijutsu,

A prefers to use wrestling-style moves, than those of standard taijutsu, such as throws, take-downs, leg drops, high-flying strikes and in the anime, dropkicks.

He is also noted to be very fast during the fourth ninja war only 2nd to the Father of Naruto Minato Namikage.

Madara Uchiha

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Madara Uchiha was known as the only competitor of the god of shinobi Hashirama Senju. He was able to instill fear in the allied shinobi forces and defeat more than 10000 of them alone.

He even defeated the 5 kage who included Raikage and Tsunade who are very strong taijutsu user already in this list. His limbo jutsu also is a kind of Taijutsu . His physical and healing ability was also enhanced from his prime after having Hashirama cells inside his body.

Hashirama Senju

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The god of shinobi Hashirama is the strongest shinobi to exist till this day other than Naruto. His chakra pool was many times larger than Naruto and even near the chakra beast ten tails.

He is a master at taijutsu as he had to learn to fight from his childhood in order to survive the war between the clans and that is where he had first met with madara. He combines his taijutsu with his wood release to make it devastating and his healing ability give him freedom to fight without worry of wounds.

Might Guy

Might guy is the only person whom I think is the strongest taijutsu users there ever was and there ever will be Amongnst the humans. Not even Hashirama Or Madara ever come near him.

And the reason why I am saying this is because he was able to nearly defeat ten tailed jinchuriki Madara whose power was equal to combined strength of whole of the world shinobi combined.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

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Kaguya Otsutsuki was the strongest taijutsu user of Naruto shippuden even though she did not fought hand to hand directly but her chakra came directly from the nature in form of senjutsu and which gives her immense strength, endurance and speed which in turn make her very dangerous.

And concept of time and space is also different for them. All of the world’s ninjutsu came from her and even if she tried to destroy humanity