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The 10 Smartest Anime Character | Top 10 Anime Character with Highest IQ

Anime are fun to watch and at the same time there are so many anime out there who makes us go yaba daba doo.

They make us run our brains on rail. These anime may have some mystery, horror, a character whose IQ can beat Einstein and a sense of us being part of that mystery.

So today in this list I had tried to list some of those characters whom I think has the highest IQ which can solve any secrets in the world.

But it don’t mean they are the only just I don’t know others which I would love to hear from you all.

So let’s start our list of the top 10 smartest anime character with brain of Einstein.

10 Anime characters with brain of Einstein

Honourable Mentions

There are so many anime characters in whose mind what is happening we can’t even comprehend.

But in this I wanted to put the top 10 and only 1 character per series so I had to keep some out but this list is never complete without them.

So here they are in the honourable mentions.

Levi Ackerman, Itachi Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Yemeko Jabani, Ray, Mavis Vermillion, Merlin, Shisui Uchiha, Urahara, Hisoka and many more.

10 . Aguero Agnis Khun

I will not be ruled. I make my own rules. That is the mindset of a ruler

Agnis khun
Aguero agnis khun

Agnis is a light bearer which is a position best suited for a strategist and the one with the brains .

Agnis is always quick to actions and can turn unfavourable conditions into his favour with his brain.

She is friend with Baam and was one of the reason why he could climb the tower in the starting.

9. Conan Edogawa

Conan edogawa

Shinichi kudo or Aka Conan Edogawa is a very smart detective at a very young age.

In detective Conan we go through many mysteries which all started with Shinichi getting turning into an kid.

In many kinds of situations he was the first one to deduct the outcome many steps before.

He has many success cases on his name. He was the one who could bust the evil organization to justice and has always proven his intellect.

And is also a fan of Sherlock holmes the greatest detective ever.

8. Norman – The promised Neverland


Norman the smartest among the trip ray , Norman and Emma.

Norman was one of the reason for the defeat of the queen and the 5 families and in turn for the freedom of the grace fields kids.

Throughout the promised Neverland we got to know that Norman was a boy who had alway aced the score with full marks never got below 300.

And even when he was taken away was saved and became boss of a house which shows how much valuable his brains were to the aliens.

In many chapter we see how his intellect had saved Emma many times and how the show will not be same without him.

7. Korosensei – Assassination Classroom


Korosensei before turning into that tentacle mach 20 octopus was regarded as the world greatest and most feared assasin.

He was cold blooded, cruel and at the same time a master strategist.

After becoming the sensei of class E he took it on himself to teach the student all thing not just from book but from life.

He made note for each student seperately, helped each according to their pace all this while being attacked by their student.

So korosensei is the world greatest multi tasker .

6. Senku Ishigama – Dr Stone

Sengu ishigami

Senku can be called as the jack of all trades of science. If you have studied something in school or is in a science journal then Senku knows all about it.

He was someone who had counted continuosly for many decades after turning into a stone statue which needs a huge amount of focus and a completely sane brain.

He can use his understanding of science to make anything out from nature.

His brain is not just to remember thing but to achieve them through practical experiment.

Maybe you want TNT he can make it from your day to day material and many more of his feats seem impossible but could be achieved with science only by him.

So senku is the Einstein of the stone age.

5. Meruem – Hunter X Hunter


Meruem is the being who is at the top of all the species both in terms of power and brains.

He is son of the ant queen who has gave birth to him through the combined DNA of humans, insects, animals and birds. He has the nen ability from birth and his brain is developed to it’s full from birth.

Just after being born was able to defeat the masters of many strategic games like chess, mahjong and many more.

Only defeated by Komugi but no one else. His power was also on the top cause to defeat him the strongest martial artist Netero had to give his life.

4. Sosuke Aizen – Bleach

Sosuke aizen

The person who was behind the overturning of soul society and destroying it right under it’s nose.

Aizen is a being was can be said to be thr greatest villian ever whose only purpose is the destruction of the world and nothing else and there is no reason behind it.

He was a genius in soul society a scientist, a king of the middle world and a master schemer who had planned ahead many years.

Even the whole soul society combined couldn’t defeat him and on top of his brain their is his bankai which puts everyone under illusion just like itachi.

Aizen is also among my top villian list you can also check it out.

3. Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch lamperouge

Lelouch is a character who has a very high level of Compreshension among all the people around him.

He was a master of shogi a kind of chess, learned the piano at age of 3,knew 3languages ,made his own sign language at childhood,could ride horses and many more which shows he was a genius intellect.

He is a gambler who loves to take risk using his brain and was always succesful, was able to use his geass for his advantage and others geass for their own disadvantage as was seen in his fight was Mao.

2. Shikamaru Nara – Naruto Shippuden

Shikamaru nara

Shikamaru has always proven himself to be the brainy kid who was best at the games of the brain.

He is currently the brain behind Naruto who always guide him to make decisions for the village.

His strategy actually came in spotlight in the great ninja war and before that after the death of his sensei Asuma.

He defeated a guy who can’t die and also caused the defeat of the killer of the 1st hokage.

Shikamaru in terms of strategy is easily above all the characters on this list and also in the naruto series.

1. Light Yagami – Death Note

Light yagami from death note

Light Yagami will always be counted among the MC who had a twisted mind. Many will say what he did was right but I think that all that power had completely destroyed this genius.

But it could never be denied that up till the end no one not even L was able to defeat him and his death was a mistake .

His brains if had been used for the betterment of society could have been the greatest gift of God to us but the devil stained him.

Light was the smartest Mc that any anime has ever seen and there are very small chance that someone could ever take his place.

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