Strongest symbiotes in marvel comics

The 9+ Strongest Venom Symbiotes from Marvel Comics | Venom, Carnage, Grendel and more

Venom has been for a long time a villain in the marvel comics he had his time as a hero as well as an anti-hero.

He belongs to a species of parasitic alien life form symbiotes that Knull created out of the darkness.

They all are connected with each out her through a hive mind.

The symbiotes are also able to connect with a host and amplify their powers and they can also take some of their previous host powers.

And in this way, we have many strong symbiotes in the comics. And today we will rank these venom symbiotes.

  • Venomsaurus Rex
  • The Five Klyntars
  • Sleeper
  • Original Venom
  • Anti Venom
  • Carnage
  • Toxin
  • Grendel
  • All Black
  • Knull
Strongest symbiotes in marvel comics
Strongest symbiotes in marvel comics

Venomsaurus Rex

For every Jurassic park fan, the Trex is one of the most dangerous dinosaurs out there. The prime predator whose objective of life is to kill weaker dinosaurs than him.

And when Venom combined with a t rex and amplified its predator instincts we get Venomsaurus.

This version appeared in the Old Man Logan storyline where he was after Logan and Clint Barton Hawkeye who had played a role in its creation.

That venom version has enhanced speed and was able to easily catch up to a full-speed van.

But he did not get much to shine as was defeated in a single scream from Black Bolt the same Black Bolt who died very Humiliated by Scarlett Witch in Dr. Strange’s multiverse of Madness.

The Five Klyntars

The five Klyntars are the five venoms siblings which were created by the life foundation in the lab which included Riot, Phage, Lasher, Agony, and Scream.

All of them as some unique powers of their own but among the strongest always remains Scream because of her ability to extend her hairs into tendrils to attack which increases her attack range and can be used as a surprise attack on many enemies.


Sleeper is the smartest symbiote among all his siblings. He is the youngest son of Venom.

He is not a mindless killing machine.

He can bend light which allows him to camouflage into his environment and his poison can easily put his enemies to sleep hence the name Sleeper.

Original Venom

The Venom when first introduced to us was a creature from space whose first host was the spider man Peter Parker.

We saw how he had enhanced the powers of Peter Parker and how he amplified his emotions of jealousy and greed in the movie.

Since then seeing its popularity it had become a mainstream anti-hero in marvel comics.

He had bonded with many characters like Eddie Brock, Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, and Flash Thompson.

And since a symbiote’s power increases with each host he adds to his list Venom is one of the strongest Symbiotes with his high intelligence and the great amount of experience.

Anti Venom

Anti Venom was created when the Venom symbiote combined with the white blood cell of Eddie Brock when he was diagnosed with cancer.

When Eddie Brock asked help from Dr. Negative to cure his cancer cells his white blood cell reacted with the remnants of venom in his body.

And anti venom came into existence.

Anti-venom as all the powers of Venom but dont has its weakness towards fire, heat snd sound based attacks.

It can also cure it’s host by producing anti-bodies to cure radiation, physical injuries and more.


Carnage ihe son of Venom who was a red symbiotes and it was told to us that red symbiotes are more deadly and hve a big blood lust.

And when carnage combined with the serial killer Cleatus Kasady that blood lust reached new heights.

And the reason for that was the near perfect bond between Kasady and Carnage cause of there killing nature.


Toxin was born from Carnage and since symbiotes physiology makes there offspring stronger.

Toxin was much powerful than Carnage even up to the limit of making Knull the creator of Symbiote feel terrified of him.

Just Toxin even though is more dangerous but has a child like personality which make him easier to defeat.


Grendel is the dragon symbiote which Knull created personally.

He is among the very first of the symbiote species which he had used against fight with celestials and to bring back the rule of darkness.

He has the power to cross between galaxies and universes and the biggest strength of him is that he do not need a host.

He has even gonna into a one on one with Thor he didn’t win but gave a really tough fight to him.

All Black

The first ever created symbiote by Knull was the All Black which later started to be known famously as the necrosword.

The all black was created by Knull from the darkness but after killing a celestials and combining his head with it the necrosword was born.

Which has so much power that it enables a normal human like Gorr to become the God butcher.

It’s don’t take control of it’s host body and could create projectiles from himself.

It also absorbs the powers of the God it kills and give them to its host.

0. Knull

Knull is actually not a symbiote hence is not considered to be on the first place.

But since he created the symbiotes and there hive mind which makes them so strong.

Knull is an entity from before time and existed in the darkness and defeated many celestials when they tried to eliminate darkness.

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