The Avengers ranked Based on Their Age from MCU

In the MCU avengers there are heroes of all age group some who had seen half of their life and some who are just teenage and even a kid of 3 years old so today we will rank the avenger based on their age.

Here I’m am taking avengers both from the MCU main rooster and the young avengers who we do know are going to take their place.

Youngest Marvel MCU heroes

  • Vision (3year old)
  • Groot ( 4 years old)
  • Miles Morales ( 14 years old)
  • Spiderman (16 years old)
  • Tommy and Billy (12 years old)
  • Shuri (20 years old)
  • Miss marvel ( 20 years old)
  • America Chavez (22 years old)
  • Shang Chi ( 24 years old)
  • Quicksilver (24 years old)
  • Wanda ( 24 years old )

Vision Youngest Avenger

Vision was born at the time of age of Ultron and his mother and father is Bruce banner and Tony Stark.

Vision got to live because of thd mind stone but his life was not long as he died at the time of infinity war by Thanos.

But he will always be the youngest avenger as no 3 year old will ever join the avengers.

Groot Youngest Guardian of Galaxy

Now we technically Groot is also an avenger just they use the guardians in place of avengers.

The adult Groot had sacrificed himself and from his stem baby Groot was formed.

And it had been confirmed by marvel that Baby Groot is not the small version of Groot but his offspring.

The only thing is that aliens growth is much different than human because of which in just 4 years he has became a teenager.

Miles Morales youngest Spiderman

The spiderverse introduced us to Miles Morales from the ultimate universe.

And as we all know that he is the strongest spiderman who along with all the powers of superman also has the powers of current on his hands.

In his universe Peter Parker died and he took role of Spiderman at just age of 14.

He is the one spiderman who did not have uncle Ben but know it very well that with great power comes great responsibility.

Spiderman has been both adult and young in Movies

Well our friendly neighborhood spiderman had always been a characters who is always full of energy and adranaline and also worried about his own life.

Well also at same time someone who don’t let others see that worry and always bring a smile on there faces Spidey has been a teen in the comics.

But for 5movies we always seen Spidey as an adult but at last in MCU with Tom Holland do we get to meet the real spiderman.

He meet the real Or the Spidey made by Stan Lee and we all love him for that.

Tommy and Billy are Wanda’s Son who are the young Avengers

Now both Tommy and Billy are members of the young avengers in comics and well I can’t say that they are avengers right now but they have the power to grow up instantly.

One has taken the power of Wanda and other of there uncle Quicksilver.

Basically they are only months old but they turned themselves into 12-14 years old in a day.

But I think they have some more time before they join the Avengers and start there hero work.

Shuri Now is The New Black Panther

Shuri is young by here age but not young with her courage and brains.

She had created many weapons and knows many things in field of science and technology that not even people of thrice her age know about.

She helped the Avengers in the war against Thanos when he invaded Wakanda and had proved her worth.

Miss Marvel will play a big role in mcu

Miss Marvel is a superheroes whose story changed alot from original story but still she remained a high school student just about to go into college.

Miss Marvel now in the MCU is a link between captain marvel and now we know that her powers has a kree origin in mcu so in the recent phase 5 Secret invasion she will also be a part in it.

America Chavez Strongest young avenger

In terms of power among all the mcu characters America Chavez is the strongest as her powers are not just linked to a single universe but the multiverse.

She can send anyone to any place in multiverse his opponent to where they are vulnerable or his friends to where are are invincible.

And we already seen in Dr strange multiverse of madness she is now learning to use her powers and she is just 22 years old so she can develop a long way.

Shang Chi Will bring iron fist to MCU

Shang chi father was just a normal human being until he got his hands on an aline tech which were in the forms of ten rings and which made its equipper immortal or long living and gave immense stamina and powers.

But after he decided to leave all those and left the ring to Shang Chi now he is the one who has all those powers and a connection was establised in miss marvel that those rings belong to the Kree race.

Shang chi is a college student by age and is 24 years old but has been trained as an assassin from his childhood by his father and now with the rings he has evolved much but now have to face opponent at same level.

Wanda and Quicksilver

Both wanda and quicksilver were the youngest avengers to join the original avenger rooster of MCU but quicksilver was not give much time to shine.

but we know how dangerous Wanda has became wishing to become a mother, having lost his lover brother and parents all by the age of 24 is very much for anyone.

After losing there parents both beame lab rats so they also did not had any guidance on the path to choose.

But now lets see how Wanda will evolve now.

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