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The Best Anime Mentors And Anime Sensei Teachers Who made Our Favorite Characters

A mentor and a teacher is someone who is responsible for your development both in your life skills and knowledge and this is true both in real life and in anime.

Teachers or sensei are the one who had taught our favourite anime characters into becoming what they are today.

They may have taught them to fight or some advice which changed them so today we are gonna list down all those teachers, mentors and sensei who made our favourite anime characters into what they are.

  • Igneel
  • Kanao Tsuyuri
  • Silver Rayleigh
  • Genkai
  • Izumi Curtis
  • Uncle Iroh
  • Eikichi Onizuka
  • Master Roshi
  • Jiraiya
  • Koro -Sensei


Igneel was the father of Natsu Dragneel not by blood but the person who took care of him and taught him everything from using his dragon slayer magic to have a fiery heart.

Igneel was the king of the fire dragons and a really powerful dragon who had fought with acnologia but couldn’t defeat him. Natsu’s search for Igneel was a driving factor in his life and without Igneel Natsu can never be Natsu.

Kanao Tsuyuri

In demon slayer anime most of the demon slayer are of very young age and even then are master of swordsmanship and among them the best are known as hashiras and one such hashira is Kanao Tsuyuri.

Kanao has not been a direct mentor to Tanjiro but just by following Kanao training regime and understanding it he was able to get really good at his breathing techniques and get control over his sword.

She taught him to focus and have passion.

Silver Rayleigh

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Rayleigh taught Luffy to use Haki. Rayleigh was the second in command of the pirate crew of the pirate King Gol D Roger and the among the very few who knew the secret of Laugh Tale and what is hidden about the old generation .

Because of the training from Rayleigh Luffy who was only best at putting himself in difficult situation and depending on luck to win was turned into a character who could now actually fight toe to toe against many powerful opponent.


Genkai is a gem of a teacher from Yu Yu Hakusho the manga created by the same mangaka of Hunter X Hunter one of my favorite manga.

Genkai is like a old hag who don’t care about anyone or anything no more because she was betrayed many times in her life. But once she took Yusuke and Kuwabara she taught them both of them from her heart.

And once she started to have faith in both of them her nature also changed from an old hag to a caring grandmother.

Izumi Curtis

Izumi at first was just a housewife to the Elrics but also became the true mentor figure they needed. Both of them learned alchemy from her and also her mistakes in her alchemy human transfiguration.

She was also a motherly figure to them . She also taught the boys some top-tier martial arts skills, which saved Ed’s life more than once.

Uncle Iroh

“We can’t value the thing that we have but we only value the things which we lose. ” This is so true for Zuko who didn’t knew the value of his uncle Iroh in his life.

Zuko who had always been abused by his father and had only been regarded as a tool for his world domination always wanted to prove himself for his father and country’s respect. But the only 2 people who had always loved him from the beginning was his mother and uncle Iroh.

Iroh was a teacher, a guide and a mentor to Zuko who taught him lighting control and made him had a change of heart. Iroh knew the location of moonspirit but didn’t attack it for the balance of the world and he taught this responsibility to maintain the balance of nature to Zuko as well.

Eikichi Onizuka

Eikichi was sent to a private school because he failed to take the civil service exam. In particular, Eikichi was tasked to handle the notorious Class 3-4 of Holy Forest Academy.

Eikichi himself was a gang leader and very notorious person but this and his physical prowesses proved helful for him in controlling his notorious students.

Throughout the 43-episode series, he becomes the mentor to teenagers who badly needed a supportive adult – even though he’s not that much older.

Master Roshi

Goku had many teacher in his life and death from King Kami, god of destruction, whis and even the Lord of multiverse Zeno but the first teacher who he had and who taught him martial arts was none other than master Roshi.

Master Roshi has a perverted personality but he is one of the most skilled fighters among the human race if we remove the other world saiyan, he taught goku his signature move Kamehamehaa and got rid of his tail the very first time he turned into an ape.

Without master Roshi Goku could never have become a martial artist not could have become the Super Saiyan God.

Jiraiya Sensei

Jiraiya Sensei is among those teachers whom we all want to have in our life, who is a mentor to our life with whom we can share all our feeling and emotions and who always is open to us when not reaching us.

Jiraiya had taught Naruto his strongest jutsu the rasengan while keeping kurama under control, he had a perverted nature and is completely open to him but also very strict on the right time.

He was also the teacher of his father so they also share a connection for 2 generation.

Koro – Sensei

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A teacher is not someone who only teach you to study but someone who makes you ready for anything head happening in your life and Koro Sensei was one such teacher who taught every single one of his student how to battle with their life and always come victorious.

A thief assassin turned into a sensei who knows the value of life, who have lost his love but wishes for his student to never go through the problems he has faced.

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