loki and all his diffrent variants from season 1

The Strongest Loki Variant and 10 Anime characters Who can Defeat The Strongest Loki

Who is the strongest Loki variant and which anime characters can take the upper hand in the fight with the God of mischief we will see that in today’s post.

With the end of the Loki season 1 and with the introduction of the multiverse we also got to meet many Loki Variants, all the different version of Loki alot different but also at the same time all were Loki.

We meet with sylvie the lady Loki, classic Loki, boastful Loki and even alligator Loki but with this there also comes a question which among all these Loki is the strongest Loki variant so we are all gonna discuss all that in today’s post.

Note : In the list I have putted Loki from both the comic as well as from the Loki season cause there were some changes from the comic version in the tv version.  Strongest Loki Variant

Ranking the Strongest Loki variant

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  1. Boastful Loki
  2. Alligator Loki
  3. Lady Loki
  4. President Loki
  5. Mcu Loki
  6. Classical loki
  7. King Loki
  8. Loki of norse mythology

Boastful Loki

The boastful Loki was shown to us in the Loki season 1 and as his name was full of lies suitable for an Loki. His character was like a viking with a hammer like mjornir but unlike other Loki we didn’t see him using magic.

And as is a very famous proverb a dog who barks don’t bite this is what I assume of boastful Loki and in my opinion is the weakest of all Loki variant shown to us.

Alligator Loki

Maybe in an alternative timeline in place of adopting Loki from frost giant Odin took him from an world of Alligators full of monsters. In the comic we don’t actually see an alligator Loki but him being mischievous and full of himself is actually a Loki.

And since him biting off the hand was also a reference from mcu and him being confident enough to fight gives him a upper slot than boastful Loki.

President Loki

The president Loki from the mini series vote Loki was among one of the characters which shows how dangerous Loki can be in the politics.

How him being the God of mischief he can be the best politician ever in the series he got to run for the president cause of his lies but he lost but maybe his nexus event was him winning the elections and becoming the president of USA.

And a Loki with the command of the nuclear warheads is meant to be very strong and to be on this list.

Lady Loki (comics)

After the death of Loki from Ragnarok in the comic he got reincarnated in the body of Lady Sif making him into the actual lady Loki of comic who was not just a mischievous form of him but also sinister.

She conspired with the most dangerous villians of the marvel comic like doctor Doom, Norman Osborn and White Queen  . But at last with help of Thor lady loki had to leave lady Sif body and she dies but we all knows Loki’s survive.

Mcu Loki

Now comes our Loki from the mcu movies and seriers played by Tom Hiddleston who had made it into the epic character and also so popular from being a villian to becoming the great lovable hero.

But in terms of power this version of Loki was able to acquire the infinity stones, caused a war on earth and also even though using magiv and trick but became the king of asgard.

So he is more powerful than most of the Loki of the mcu movies.

Lady Loki ( mcu Loki seriers)

This version of Lady Loki was a completely new version of Loki which we don’t see in the comic it’s based on Lady Loki from comic but also at the same time having the features of enchantress and sylvie from comic combined.

In the Loki series she was the actual protagonist and the main Loki in the seriers was her not Tom Hiddleston and she also was much more powerful in mind control magic than the mcu Loki.

Loki from Norse mythology

Now comes the one who inspired all these Loki variants and also the Loki of the comics the real Loki which we cones to know from the horse mythology.

He was an actual God whose body didn’t decay even after being punished with the venom of the world snake dripping on his body until the end of eternity and ragnarok .

And it was this Loki whose children caused the death of Odin , Thor and all the norse mythology gods with sertr and the army of his daughter hella.

Classical Loki

The strongest form of Loki which we came to see in the series was the classical old Loki which was exactly the way the first Loki of the comic came to look who was made by Stan Lee.

And this version of Loki could be said to be the old version variant of the king Loki which we will see next but having the understanding and experience of his lifetime which made him become the good and best one we see.

King Loki

Now the most dangerous variant of loki and the strongest loki of I’m going to choose then it would have always going to be king loki who killed Thor, captured the throne of Asgard and also became the king of the Asgardians.

He is by far the most sinister version of a the variant of Loki.

Now since we have talked about the strongest loki and which is the king Loki now let’s look at all the heroes or villians anime character who can defeat this strongest Loki variant.

5 Characters who can defeat the strongest Loki ( King Loki)  and 5 who can’t

  • Son Goku (can)
  • Saitama (can’t)
  • Zeno (can)
  • Natsu (can’t)
  • Itachi (can)
  • Naruto (can’t)
  • Skeleton (can)
  • Rimuru (can’t)
  • Barragan (can)
  • Ichigo (can’t)

Son Goku (can)

Goku from dragon ball super is a character which has defeated many God level character but still he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Loki until he had acquired ultra instinct.

Loki using his magic can dissolve into thick air and attack from anywhere but with ultra instinct Goku can easily know his position with the use of normal senses.

And his single punch is enough to kill Loki.

Saitama (can’t)

Saitama the one punch man can defeat any villian just using a single punch but it all comes to waste if he cant actually land that single punch. And with the magic of Loki he can never land the punch.

And Saitama is also very innocent which will result in him being tricked by Loki very easily.

Zeno (can)

Zeno the omni king can destroy whole universes and he had actually destroyed 6 universes previously and with just the snap of his fingers and Thanos beware he don’t even need infinity stones to do so.

And if our Loki came to fight zeno, our omni king don’t need to be aware of his trickery or illusions cause he can erase him within his illusion.

Natsu (can’t)

Natsu may be the strongest demon and the strongest dragon slayer and a really strong magician but he can never be compared to the God of these magics and as we know that magic is just a kind of trickery or lie and who could be better in it than the God of both these things.

And in his fight with natsu the plot armor will also not work for him as the god of storytelling is also none other than our hero villian Loki.

Itachi (can)

In my opinion there is no one better than tricking someone in illusion genjutsu other than Itachi not even Loki.

Itachi had izanagi and izanami and also a very pure heart, the bestest talent and was even capable enough to kill all of him clan on him own so I don’t think Loki could ever defeat Itachi.

Naruto (can’t)

Naruto can be the hokage, can also be the hero of the great ninja war but can also just be under the illusion of classic Loki.

Naruto by him nature a very simple person and therefore it is child’s play for Loki to trick him and control him with his magic.

Skeleton (can)

Skeleton from skeleton soldier couldn’t protect the dungeon has shown us that he can never die in reality he will just Ressurecct back in time and so of Loki defeat him using his illusion and mind control skeleton will know all about it even before it happened in next resurrection.

So he can become immune to nearly all the mind tricks of Loki with time and will easily defeat him.

Rimuru ( can’t)

Rimuru Tempest from that time I got reincarnated as a slime may be the king of a kingdom of monsters and human and is as powerful as a demon Lord but the rimuru of the anime can never defeat the strongest Loki who himself is the king of As hard with all that strong army.

Rimuru has the ability to absorb anyone or anything but it comes in vain if he can’t come to know where his opponent is.

Barragan ( can)

Time affects even the asgardian gods this we know from seeing Odin dieing of old age in thor ragnarok and Barragan is the master of time.

Barragan is the rank 2 arrangar who has the power over time, the ability to rot or end anything and his ressurection form he becomes the rotting death himself just getting near him will kill Loki.

He was just a very op character who even died from his own ability and there is no way Loki could defeat him.

Ichigo (can’t)

Ichigo may have achieved some very great achievement in bleach from defeating Aizen, getting control over his hollow form and even defeating Ywach but there is no way this guy who mostly depend on plot armor to be able to defeat the God of mischief and lies Loki.

And especially king Loki who is not just good at mischief but is also much much more sinister than any bleach villians.

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