Thor’s Armour Explained | Why no Armour Appear When Captain America Lifted Mjolnir

In the MCU in Avengers End Game, at last, we got to see Captain America Wielding Mjolnir and there he had gotten all the powers of Thor as was the enchantment by Odin that who so ever get the power of Thor who is Worthy to wield it.

But unlike Thor whenever he Wielded it in any fight he got equipped with his Asgardian Armour which we also see Jane Foster getting while Wielding Mjolnir but why did Captain America the first avenger the person who was worthy not get that armor?

Thor’s Armour Explained

Thor in the comic and the MCU has been shown wearing his armor which is made of Uru metal the reason why is because it is the material that is able to circulate magic and energy the same material from which his Mjolnir and Stormbreaker are made.

He is able to call forth and disappear his armor any time he wishes so just he needs his hammer Mjolnir to summon it.

In the comic nor in MCU we have been told any other specialty of the armor but since its material is Uru it is very strong and has very high durability.

it can change its shape according to the wearer like we have seen in infinity war when Thor gets fat the armor which he wears fits his shape and again in thor love and thunder the armor takes shape according to Jane Foster’s body since now she has powers of Thor as she now holds Mjornir.

Why did no Armour Appear When Captain America Lifted Mjolnir?

The reason why I say that his armor is linked to his hammers is that when in the first Thor movie he came to Earth after being banished by Odin his clothes disappear and in his final fight in Thor 1 with the destroyer armor as soon as his hammer Mjornir came into his hand his armor came along with it.

The same thing happened again when he created the Stormbreaker in Nidavellir at that time he was wearing normal clothes and as soon as he came to Earth using Bifrost from Stormbreaker he was in his battle armor and that time there was no Asgard where he could have gone to change his clothes.

And the same I think will we how Jane Foster gets her Armor.

But then the question arises if this is so then why did not Captain America get this Armor when he wielded Mjornir So this is because it was his first time and he did not even think about summoning the armor he just wielded it and attacked Thanos and at that time he was also not naked and armor did not have a special function so summoning it was not necessary.

Now the explanation of this thing also appears in the movie when Thor in the end game had gone back in time to Asgard he had called Mjornir of that time and his clothes did not change as at that time he did not need to fight anyone and did not felt the need to change clothes.

What material is used In Thors Hammer

Thor hammer in the mcu is made of Uru metal which is the metal of the gods having immense durability along with the ability to conduct magic.

What material is used in Thors armor

Well directly we are not told what material is used in mcu but seeing that his armor is able to conduct his electricity which is actually magic its material also could be Uru.