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Top 10 Anime Mc Who Gets Married At Last | Mc Gets Married

In anime and manga there is full action and adventure and sometimes romance. Anime are very good at making us thinking them as a real world and in a real world people do get married.

And that’s why many mangaka makes they main character gets married to make the story complete at the climax.

There are many famous anime where the mc at last forgets all about the fights and action and settle down to raise a family.

And we will look down at some of those anime character their wife and how they are doing now.

Nanami Momozono  – Tomoe (Kamishama kiss)


Nanami was just a normal teenage girl who well was very unlucky completely fully in debt because of her parents, she didn’t had a house, food to eat nor anyone who could take care of her.

When she was sitting in a park Mizuki got pity on her he gave her his home to stay which was in actual the earth shrine where he lived with Tomoe his familiar and 2 shrine spirits.

He made Nanami the shrine goddess left and as time passed Nanami started falling in love to Tomoe and at long last on the last episode we see Nanami and Tomoe as husband and wife which Nanami is pregnant.

Then we see them returning to the shrine to pray their respect the Mizuki who is living there and thanking him.

You will definitely love this anime if you are looking for a romance anime it’s one of my favourite even when I don’t like romance.

Naruto – Hinata (Naruto Shippuden)


After a very long time many Narusaku fans were very sad when they at last saw the marriage of Naruto and Hinata taking place.

In the long running series of Naruto we always saw Hinata being in crush with Naruto but in the fight with pain Hinata in actual confess her love to Naruto and from there it was decided that they will marry in the future.

Naruto was also shown to be more connected to Hinata in many occasion whenever he was confused he wished her company he didn’t knew that he loved her, but the connection was shown many times.

And after the series ended The mangaka gave a movie dedicated to both their love and then it resulted in the birth of Boruto and Himawari.

Inuyasha – Kagone Higurashi ( Inuyasha)


Now one of the classics, Inuyasha is one of those anime which made anime famous among the Westerners.

Kagone in her previous life was Keikyo a very powerful priestess and she was the lover of Inuyasha. But demon named Naraku wanted the shikon No Tama jewel which was safe guareded by Keikyo.

So he turned into Inuyasha and Keikyo to turn them both against each other and in turn Keikyo sealed Inuyasha in a tree after that Naraku Killed her but didn’t got the jewel.

Now after 600years with Keikyo reincarnated as Kagone goes back in time and here the incomplete love story actually cames to an end.

With Inuyasha marrying Kagome and having a sweet little daughter who is also a protagonist in an another anime.

Ichigo – Orihime ( Bleach)


When the story of bleach starts we already knew that Ichigo and Orihime both were in love to each other.

But as the story progress there came many moments when they both were seperated like when Aizen kidnapped Orihime or when Ichigo had left for the soul society.

All the fans wanted to see them all together so the mangaka at the final battle with Yhwach we see Ichigo and Orihime both inside the house and we got to meet their son who himself was a soul reaper.

Which shows that after that final battle they also got married and started their life away from fighting and making the new soul reaper who will save the world when the time comes.

Ed – Winry ( Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood)


Ed and Winry these were the anime couples who in there own way was most suited for each other.

They both always were fighting with each other , arguing on any matter but subconsciously been in attraction to each other.

When Ed lossed his arm and legs Winry was the one who took up the responsibility of creating and maintaining his automail and all that at the tender age of being just eleven.

And after that they started to show some affection towards each other.

Ed was always flustered when talked about their relationship but was always overprotective towards her. On the other hand Winey did accept she was falling in love for him.

And at the end of the series we do see them proposing to each other and they had one daughter and one son.

Vegeta – Bulma ( Dragon ball Z)


Now I’ll show you the wall that you can never scale with “hard work” alone…


Yes I will agree if anyone says that vegetables is not an MC but guys we never see Goku actually loving chi chi he only married her to get food.

But we have actually seen love closely between two very different personality Vegeta and Bulma.

Vegeta came to this world with the mind of destroying it to bits but as the time passes Frieza dies, earth starts to have peace and in turn Bulma started to care for Vegeta.

And seeing the care toward him by Bulma some emotions woke up inside him. And our macho Vegeta turned to become the gentleman Vegeta and finally they married and had trunks.

Ryuji – Taiga ( Toradora )


It’s alright, I can stand up again all by myself. Even if I’m all alone, I will survive.

Taiga Aisaka

When at the first time Ryuji and Taiga met it started with a punch on Ryuji face from Taiga. And as the time passed they both became good friends.

They both had crush on each other friends Ryuji on Taiga best friend and Taiga on Ryuji and it started as Taiga taking advantage of Ryuji to set him up for his friend.

Well this relation started as a slave and master relation where Ryuji always done errand for her and always being by her side.

And there closeness started to make there heart also close and their crush towards each other’s friend turned to love for each other.

And at last they both congessed to each other.

Chise Hatori – Elias Ainsworth ( Ancient magus Bride)


Chise Hatori was someone who was completely fed up of her life her family had Abonddened her, she didn’t have a place to return to,, and all in all her life was completely miserable.

So she decided to sell herself in an auction.

By her nature she was very kind, helpful and who keep other over her own desires.

And God had mercy on her cause Elias bought her in the auction and his motive was to save her from dieing in the future because of her innate powers.

And in turn as from the name of anime you can easily guess they are going to get married.

Rokuro – Benio Adashino ( Twin Star Exorcist)


Both were already destined to marry according to a prophecy and gave birth to the strongest exorcist.

But there relation didn’t started all lovey- dovey .Rokuro had given up being an Exorcist after an incident happened where he had to kill all his friends teachers and close ones by his own hands which got turned into a weapon.

But one day Benio came to take her back to being an Exorcist and some yokai attacked and in order to save Benio Rokuro used his power.

And with time they finally got in the relation of marriage.

Ryo – Kaori ( City Hunter)


This is one of my most favourite couple of all time.

City hunter is one of the classic anime without which I wouldn’t have fallen in love with animes.

In city hunter Ryo is a very lecherous person. Who is always following girls but because of this he is always hit by Kaori with a bazooka.

Ryo was a friend of Kaori aboptive brother whom helped Kaori to take revenge of his brother death.

Kaori started to have feeling for him and decided to become his partner, with time Ryo started to have feeling for her also and it was hinted by the author that they did get married in the end.

So this was my list of the top 10 anime where the mc got the girl or got married so guys if you liked this remember to tell me down below in the comments.

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