top 10 badass female characters

Top 10 Badass Awesome Female Anime Characters | Most Deadliest Female Anime Characters

      Top 10 Badass Female Anime Characters

When we talk about action adventure anime most of the time the image of the protagonist of hero comes as a male character ,But when we actually see anime their are as many powerful and strong female characters in shonen anime as is male and sometimes those female characters are much stronger than the hero .So thats why in today we gonna list down the top 10 badass female anime characters.

Top 10 Badass Female Anime Characters

 In the list I have taken one character from the series only , so you may not find your all characters but from each series these are the badass characters who dont mind whatever problems come their way they will fight till the very end So lets start our list.

10.  Akame ( Akame Ga Kill )

akame of demon sword murasame akame ga kill

Akame of the demon sword Murasame the name is given to her because of her swords name ,her swordmanship and skills and also because of the number of people she assasinated with it. He has gotten this place on our list because of her character of not accepting defeat no matter what. She is a strong character from her nature and the reason of this is cause in her childhood she was sold as a slave to the empire to be trained as an assassin but as she grew older she came to understand the corruptness in the empire and came to overthow it .
She had killed esdeath and proved her power in the sereis and thast why she have got this place on the list. 

9. Merlin ( Seven Deadly Sin )

merlin seven deadly sin

Merlin is the boar sin of gluttony among  the seven deadly sin .She is the greatest wizrd and from her nature she is a strong willed and brave . No matter whoever is his opponent she will never swagger and put up a good fight his skill infinty allows her to cast any spell which will go on forever until she stop it herself.

 If Meliodas didnt have Merlin with him he may never have been able to defeat the demon king . She is in my opinion the oldest person among the sins as she was already present at the time of demon lord and the supreme goddess when they both cursed her for betraying both she knows about the secrets of the world ,She even knew about Chaos when no one else in the sins knew what it was.

8.  Mikasa Ackerman ( Attack on titan )

mikasa ackerman attack on titans

Now we have Mikasa Ackerman on our list of badass female characters list as thats actually how her character is she is a badass who dont care what happens to the world unless it affect Eren in any way . She is a strong lady and a genius when using the titan killing gears. She is able to easily kills titans with he skill and agility and is capable of fighting against 10 titans simulataneoulsy on her own.

Mikasa thinks of Eren as her family because Erens father was the person who had taken her as a part of her family when she was saved by Eren from some human traffikers. 

7.  Milim Nava ( That time I got Reincarnated as a Slime)

milim nava that time i got reincarnated as a slime

Milim is one of the demon lord of the octagram And she is known by the name of ” destroyer ” she look like a small teen girl but in actual she is a dragonoid and also of the stronest demon lord . I had called her a badass because of her carefree nature she will do whatever she wants and if anyone comes in her way they will be turned to ash .

She is very powerful but at the same time has a childish nature because of that she became a friend of Rimuru cause he gives sweets to Milim.

6. Yoruichi ( Bleach )

yoruichi bleach

The former captain of the 2nd division of gotei 13 and known by the name of “goddess of flash” cause of her strong riatsu and flash steps speed ,she is able to defeat many man of the assasin squad of soul soceity in a mere second without them even noticing and She had fought with many captains and lieutnant alone and defeated them.

She fought with Soi Fong the current captain of the 2nd division and defeated her with ease and also defeated Byakuga both in terms of speed and power who was regared as the fastest user in the soul soceity. 

She is a badass who dont even think that her zanpakuto is required to defeat the captains of soul soceity and till now we have only seen her zanpakuto when she didnt left the soul soceity in the past.

5. Erza Scarlet ( Fairy Tail )

erza scarlet fairy tail

Now the one character that you all already knew was going to be on this list and that is Erza Scarlet the s-rank wizard of the magic guild fairy tail.

In the childhood she didnt knew her parents she was taken as a slave ,she saw his friends die in front of him in his childhood and thats made her develop a lot and that made her value Family. And thats why she will do anything for her adoptive family of fairy tail. She has taken many hits and attacks on herself so hits get to her friends .

People are scared of her name titania cause of her magic re-equip which allows her to changes clothes giving her power and she is someone who is not scared of anyone.

4. Tatsumaki ( One Puch Man )

tatsumaki tornado of terror one punch man

The Tornado of terror Tatsumaki the 2nd place S -rank hero in the hero assossiation of one punch man is a psychic type hero who is a total badass in his nature she dpont care about what other heroes do or whatever the level of monsters cause she can kill any monsters in mere Seconds .

The name given to her terror is not because of  her power in a wind form but cause of her killing monsters by turning their body in distorted form making their body look like a tornado that make her a hero all monsters and even normal people terrified of her.

She has a younger sister Yubuki whom she care alot and she tries to keep her away from hero work thinking she doing the right thing but in actual she keeps her under control which Fubuki dont like.
She respect Blast The 1st rank s -rank hero cause he has saved Fubuki once and except blast she only thinks of other heroes down below her.

3. Whis ( Dragon Ball Super )

whis dragon ball z super

Whis the angel of the universe 7 and the teacher of god of destruction Beerus is a very strong character who is someone who rarely fights but we have seen that she was able to defeat Beerus very easily single handedly . She was the one who taught Goku And vegeta how to use and master ultra instinct and she will the one character who will stay alive even if the omni king Zeno destroys our universe so this also proves how important of a character she is.

She got this place on the list because I think she is a character who dont need to use her full power to destroy this universe and that make her very carefree and is someone who is completely free to do anything that she likes.

2. Big Mom ( One Piece )

big mom one piece

Now comes the turn of the devil Charlotte Lin Lin Aka Big mom to be on this spot of this badass female anime character list as being the one of the greatest badass of  one piece she is not scared of anyone ,if she desires something she will take it by making you scared or by making you die.

She has the physique of giants and the captain of the big mom pirates who has aperson from every species under her crew she is a yonko or the emperor of the sea and the only female yonkou.

Even up until now Luffy is not that much powerful that he could defeat big mom alone and it gonna take a long time for him to reach that point.

1. Kaguya Otsutsuki ( Naruto )

Kaguya otsutsuki naruto shippuden

Kaguya otsutsuki belong to the species of otsutsuki which are interdimensional aliens who eats the life force of planets as their lunch and dinner and who could get this first place in this list other than Kaguya . She also came to our earth just to eat it using the ten tails but she had fallen in love with a human and stopped other otsutsuki from attacking earth She had 2 sons .

So in all she is someone we should be thankful as not destroying earth also cause she was the one who brought chakra with her and without chakra no ninja would have born and we wouldnt get Naruto But she is a badass in her fighting and use of ninjutsu so she had gotten the first place on out top 10 badass feamle anime character list.

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