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Top 10 Manga Where The Mc Trains Very Hard To Become OP Stronger

In manga and anime there are many stories where the mc is op from the birth , or by the time he reincarnated and also many where the protagonist gets stronger with all his hard word and training.

So today we will look at some of those manga where mc trains to get op.

Top 10 Manga With MC Who Trains To Get Stronger

One piece ( Roronoa Zoro)

Roronoa zoro one piece

One piece is one of those manga which have all kinds of character from being op from birth to climbing up the ladder with their hard work. It has engineer , scientists, doctors, humanoid, homo-sapiens , etc.

Many of these character has became strong with all their hard work and passion and one of my favorite among them is roronoa zoro.

Zoro has always been the character who we have seen to be the most hard working in Luffy’s crew. He is working on his swordsmanship, exercising on his body, fighting opponent stronger then him and stand against them shows how brave he is.

Luffy, Ace, Sabo, etc all of them are characters who have train hard to become overpowered they are now.

Dragon Ball Z ( Goku)

Goku from dragon ball z

Dragon ball Z is also full of character who has worked on their Physique their power with training and became strong.

Currently dragon ball super has taken their power level too far without much training behind it but dragon ball and dragon ball Z the main part of seriers where we see Goku, Frieza, Vegeta were all who trained nearly 24*7 .

Goku put month and sometimes year in time chamber, Gohan trained with Piccolo and all that while wearing 10-20kg weight on both arms and legs.

And where we actually see how in dragon ball the kid version Goku learn Kamehame from master roshi whom I think is one of the strongest old anime character.

Naruto Shippuden ( Naruto)

Naruto from naruto shippuden

If we are talking about characters who trained really hard to become strong then Naruto is sure to be on that list.

Naruto Uzumaki the son of the 4th hokage, the jinchuriki of the nine tails and the boy whom the whole village feared and hated.

He always caused ruckus and caused problem in village to be acknowledged .

But with time with his determination to be known and following his ninja way he makes some friends, finds a teacher and with his training achieve all what he wanted in his life.

Other than Naruto there is rock Lee and Guy sensei who also are example of strong character with training.

My Hero Academia ( Midoriya)

Now we are talking about Izuku Midoriya from boku no hero academia who is a quirkless guy.

The symbol of peace all might see him and rather than seeing the weak physique guy he finds the strong mind of him.

He decides to make him his heir of power and that’s how the story starts to take turn.

But this power can only be acquired with a strong body so he do his hard work day and night for 100 continuous days but even then his training don’t stop.

Hunter X Hunter ( All Characters)

In hunter x hunter I can’t put any particular character up here cause in HXH no character could be called op from birth .

Every single hunter has to pass the test for husband license which can’t be done merely with luck or talent your determination and hard work plays a big part in it.

Netero who practiced his punching as a prayer for many years, Killua zoldyck whose training started the day he was born, Gon, etc.

They all are character who have trained very hard to become strong.

One Punch Man ( Saitama)

Saitama one punch man

OPM is the story of Saitama who is a mc who has broken all the limits of a human body and achieved a strength which is even hard to imagine.

Which result in him feeling lonely and bored he don’t have an opponent who could make him use all his power.

But all of it was not like this from the start. In the past Saitama was like a normal office worker doing his 9-5 work but he was not happy with it.

One day he saw a monster attacking a kid which woke up a emotion inside him which wanted to help others.

After that day he starts working on his power he do the daily routine of 100 push up, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and 10km run daily.

Even when his body was completely drained he did this which causes his limiter to broke turning him into a powerhouse.

Demon Slayer ( Tanjiro Kamado)

Tanjiro kamado from demon slayer

Tanjiro kamado was just a normal village boy whose father had died and had to take care of his family . One day monsters attack his family when he was away to get fire wood when he return only his sister was left alive.

She had turned Into a demon. Tanjiro couldn’t do anything about his family loss but he had to save his sister.

And for that purpose he joins the demon slayer corps he didn’t knew how to wield a sword he trained in swordsmanship , he learned the breath of water.

Then became one of the very few character to use the breath of sun with his hard word and training and even when this cause many loss and burn to his own body.

With time he was able to save his sister because of his hard work and training and with his friends.

Black Clover ( Asta)

Asta from black clover manga

In Black Clover, Asta lives in a world of magic despite having no magic powers himself. And while everyone around him doubted his abilities, he still made it his goal to become a Magic Emperor and worked hard to become a strong Magic Knight.

He found a way to turn his minuses into pluses by wielding Anti Magic.

He goes from a weak non-magic user to a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight who’s a part of the elite Royal Knights squad.

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon

Skeleton soldier couldn't protect the dungeon manhwa

A skeleton who loss his master in front of his eyes he saw her dying and couldn’t save her. After that when he open his eyes again he found himself at the te he was first summoned.

He has to ability to revive wt that same time again and again as long he don’t change the future consequences.

He starts from the beginning but keeping all the abilities he acquired before so he build up his skills and levels each time to become powerful.

Every time he has to fight with opponent much stronger than him he dies all time but with each sacrifice of his life he gains experience and power to become strong.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero ( Iwatani)

Naofumi iwatani from the rising of the shield hero manga

Naofumi Iwatani was a boy in his 20 , who was a sophomore spending most of his time in his room playing video games reading manga ,manhwa and other otaku activities .

One day hen he was in the library to read mre manhwa he found a book named the record of the four holy weapons and as soon as he opens the book he is summoned in another world.

He became one of the 4 heroes. He was the hero of the shield.

But he got betrayed in the start and since he was the hero of the shield and couldn’t use other weapon he faced many hardships.

On his journey he made some trustworthy companion and turned his shield as a weakness to his biggest strenth among the other legendary heroes.

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