Top 10 Most Badass Anime Old Men Of All Time | Strongest OP Anime Old Man

                 Top 10 Badass Anime Old Men

When we come to think about anime we think of strong male or female hero with great muscle full of power and a passion to win the world but we do know that anime is something which has really huge big story and background So their we also easily finds one two old mans in anime who builds up the path of the protagonist to reach or a goal for him to achieve.

Top 10 most badass anime old men of all time

So today we are gonna list down all those old guys who on their own is the goal of many heroes to reach.
These old mans are here for their powers ,their will to never give up and also who sets a goal for the series hero to reach.

I would like to give some honourable mentions here who I didnt put on the list.
Rayleigh,jiraiya orochimaru ,tsunade and many more.

Top 10 Badass Anime old men 

10. Sarutobi Hiruzen

The first one on our list is the 3 Hokage and the teacher of the 3 legendary sannin Sarutobi Hiruzen .He was someone whom the 2nd hokage has deemed to be the most worthy candidate after him Sarutobi was called a genius as he had created many jutsus and was a devil in his young life .He died on hands of Orochimaru using his death reasper jutsu but was able to seal orochimarus hand  so that he couldnt use ninjutsu ,and he did so while fighting the reanimated 1st and 2nd Hokage.

He was someone who had taken care of Naruto from his birth and If was not there to teach Jiraiya the pervy sage then we also wouldnt have gotten Naruto and Minato.

9.  Yoshimura

Yoshimura tokyo ghoul

Yoshimura is one of the strongest ghoul in tokyo ghoul as it already known that ghoul being always in constant life and death situations dont live till long Yoshimura age is a resemblance of his power among the ghouls.

 Yoshimura is a sss -Rank ghoul who was the manager of anteiku and someone who was able to keep all of them under him .He had a kagune and kakuja on which he had great contol. The CCG knew him by the name of One eyed Owl and he was someone who was a foes of them as they has been the reason of his wifes death.

8.  Zeno Zoldyck

The grandfather of Killua the friend of gon from Hunter X Hunter and also the head of the family of Assassins which was feared all round the world . He is a master of nen and also of stealth and agility as required by an asssasin .

He knew Netero from the time he was born and zenos father accompained netero to his journey of the dark continent.Zeno is a transmuter type nen user but he can use other nen types also . He is also a very intelligent and skilled person in a fight he was able to deduct the ability of Chrollo Nen ability within seconds which made the leader of the phantom troube be vary of him.

7.  Mushen Roshi

In the anime dragon ball z muten roshi or master roshi has been powered down alot but in the actual dragobn ball which took Goku as a kid master roshi played a huge role in him becoming a master martial artist and at that time he was one of the strongest character in dragon ball.

Muten roshi was the person who invented Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha the favourite move of goku . Yeah I will say that even in the manga he was really a pervert but at the same time was one of the strongest human at that time when aliens and other worldly charaters and the concept of Saiyans was not introduced.

 6.  Whitebeard

The captain of the whitebeard Edward Newgate was a devil in the world of one piece. His height was equal to 2 floor building and the most powerful ability that he had came from his devil fruit the earthquake earthquake fruit which allowed him to cause quake anytime anywhere and those quake in middle of sea can cause many tsunamis ,vocanic eruption so you should never mess with him.He was also regarded as “the strongest man in the world.”

Whitebeard was able to fight with admirals lieutnants of the world goverment Blackbeard at the same time and even upon his death no one was able to get him to his knees .

He had fought with The pirate king Gol D Roger and roger thought of him as his rival and Whitebeard also made the new generation of pirates want to find the treasure one piece when he declared on his death bed that the one piece was real.

5.  Makarov

makarov fairy tail

The guild master of fairy tail and a father like figure to the whole guild members of fairy tail Makarov is a character who is jolly and fun loving character who is always annoyed by his members causing troubles for him but when someone hurts his family his nature took a complete 180 where he will completely destroy his opponent to ashes.

His magic allows him to increase or decrease the size of his body and to make his like a giant using it and also being the guild master of fairy tail he has also the command over the Fairy Law which is a magic only the guilds masters can use which use the first guilds master body as a source and cause a Nuke like explosion which only hurts those whom the user deems dangerous and not the guild mates.

4.  Yamamoto

yamamoto genryusai bleach

The Head captain of the Gotei 13 Genryusai Yamamoto is the strongest soul reaper of the soul soceity whose powers could never be matched by any other shinigami and a person who has ruled over soul soceity for thousands of years and not even once anyone could take his positions .He is someone who has kenpachi ,byakuga,Soi fon and all other captains under him who do as he orders.

Yamamotot was able to defeat Yhwach son of the soul king .His zanpakuto gives him command over flames and in his bankai he is completely engulfed in flames and soul of people who died got ressurected and comes under Yamamoto command so he is a king who could conrol the dead.

3.  Netero

isaac netero hunter x hunter

Isaac Netero the strongest hunter shown to us in the series of hunter x hunter and one could make me change my mind towards his as being one of the strongest old men in the anime community . Netero is a person who has came back alive from the dark continent and had fought with the king of ants Meruem and resulted in his death in a way.

Netero nen ability are said to be the strongest among all the hunters even the grandfather of killua Zeno Zoldyk accepts that he is no match for Netero .

He was also the leader of the Hunter assossiation .

2.  Bang

bang one punch man anime

Bang also known by the name of Silver fang is a character from one punch man is the rank 3 S- Rank Hunter after Bang and Tatsumaki .He is a martial artist who master the style rock smashing water stream fist who only master in physical attacks but even then being the 3rd rank of the hero assossiation tell us how powerful he is.

He was the teacher of Garou the hero hunter and one of the very few characters who know about the power of Saitama.

1.  Hagoromo The Sage Of Six Path

Hagoromo or also known as the sage of the six paths is an extremely influential characters in the world of Naruto as being the person who spread Chakra througj out the world through ninshu ,He sealed Kaguya his mother with his brother if they didnt the world would have stayed under the infinite tsukoyomi.

He was the fist charcter in the series to awaken his rinnegan and also the only person to stay alive in his chakra form even after many decades even after his bodily death.He became the Jinchuriki of the ten tails and he was the reason the whole story of Indra and Ashura even started which caused this whole Madara vs Hashirama, Naruto Vs Itachi .

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