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Top 10 Most Loved Villians Anime Characters | Villians We Can’t Hate

              Top Most Loved Anime Villians We Can’t Hate

A Hero is not a hero without a villain and those villains give depth to the story’s depth and without them what will be the purpose of heroes. But there are many villains when we see them defeated we get really angry or sad and many whom we just can’t hate maybe because their motive is really good or maybe because of their actions.So today we are gonna list down the top 10 anime villains we cannot hate.

So let’s start our list with one on the most idiotic Villians group which rather than a villain are a group of a joker so the 10th one on our list is

10. Team Rocket (Pokemon )


team rocket pokemon

Jessie, James, and Meowth they had been a part of our childhood. They were the losers in the anime but heroes of our hearts. They never won but they are the villains we actually want to want against the hero. Even though team rocket was a very scary feared villain organization with Geovanni as the scary head but Jessie James and Meowth were the life of team rocket and One thing that I loved most of their team was their theme song.
Prepare for Trouble, We will make it double
To protect the world from devastation,
to unite all people within our nation,
Jessie     —–  James
Team Rocket blast of with speed Of light
Surrender Now, Or prepare to fight
Meowth that’s right.

9. Pain ( Naruto )

Pain nagato from naruto


Pain Nagato from Naruto even though he was the leader of Akatsuki and nearly destroyed the whole of Konoha, but when he revived everyone back to life we had fallen in love with him. When we get to know his backstory well I had actually cried, how his friend had to die in front of him in trying to save the life of others why he created Akatsuki only to bring peace in the world.
He is a character who was a villain but his actions were those of a hero and there are many fans who love him more than they love Naruto.

8.Zeref ( Fairy Tail )

zeref dragneel from fairy tail
Now we have the black wizard who just wanted a family nothing else. He lost his family his mother, father, and brother in the hands of Acnologia. He started to learn black magic to bring His brother back to life And in the process, he created many demons. He succeeded in bring his brother back but he also got cursed of immortality and to see his loved one dies in front of him so he has given Natsu to Dragneel to keep him safe from his curse, then he had fallen in love to Mavis But she dies in his hand and which had made him want to die but he couldn’t.
His life has been a complete tragedy and we love him and feel sad knowing what has happened to him.

7. Stain ( My hero Academia )

stain my hero academia

Stain from my hero academia rather than a villian is a anti-hero but a character we came to love not because of his ” beautiful face ” but because of his ideal his thinking. He questioned the heroes who didn’t have any ideals who were there only to earn money and fame not to help others. He attacked those heroes who he thought were fake who in place of saving the actual heroes were a hindrance to them.

For him, only All Might was the only worthy hero at that time cause he was there only for the society the people not for money and fame.
But he did turn out to be dangerous for the society as because of seeing his ideals many villains came under a single roof known as the villain’s organization.

6. Hisoka ( Hunter X Hunter )

hisoka hunter x hunter

From Hunter X Hunter we have the most deadly hunter who will not make you laugh but in actual make you cry out of his fear. If you have a fear of jokers may be the cause of that is Hisoka. Well Hisoka didn’t have any good motives he was not even a person whom even his team could trust but there are many times when he had saved Gon and Killua from many dangerous situations (yes he had his own motives ) But yeah for that particular reason I don’t Hate Him but actually love him for that.

And Guys tell what do you think about hisoka do you love him or hate him tell me in the comment section down below.

5. Light Yagami  ( Death Note )

Light yagami death note manga

I can’t say if light Yagami was a hero or a villain but whatever we cant take him for granted because of his brain. He has made a place in our heart he was also an anime villain and for many the first anime villain they had watched they cant hate. His motives were good but what he did to achieve that was not the way to do so. Death Note clearly shows us that absolute power corrupts even the strongest of minds and it also happened to light Yagami once he got the power of death note he forgot the meaning of justice and started to thought whatever he did was just and fair and for the good of society.

4. Aizen ( Bleach )

Aizen bleach anime

The original main villain of Bleach. The Zanpakuto user who could control the five sense and put you under your control you may hit your own allies or kill yourself with your own hands because of Aizen. He is an incredibly fast cause of his shunpo. so before you know you will be spilling beans on the grounds. He was the evilest villains among anime villains that I could think of he did not have any motive he just loved destruction. There will be many, maybe everyone who only hates him but I do Love him for his evilness and his cunningness. And I just don’t know why.

Tell me do you think I’m the wrong cause of liking him as an anime Villian.

3. Garou ( One Punch Man )

garou one punch man

The Hero hunter from one punch man. Just like Stain, Garou also hates the hero system but here the reason of his anger towards the hero association is not because of the fault in the system but because for him the villains were the ones he thought were cool he thought the motives of the villains were correct the are attacking the humans because humans are destroying them first.

He may be on the wrong side but his thinking that human are in the wrong is also not wrong cause in one punch man the stories of monsters are really unique some monster attack because their homes forests are attacked so, therefore, his thinking regarding this is not wrong and for that, he is a villians Whom I really love and can’t hate.

2. Vegeta ( Dragon Ball Z )

vegeta dragon ball zz

Vegeta At the beginning of dragon ball Z came as a villians and stayed as a hero. And guys do you know that Toriyama had thought to made Vegeta die after the Frieza saga and end the dragon ball z series but seeing the popularity and love that people gave he thought of continuing the series and keeping Vegeta alive and I love Toriyama for that. If there was no Vegeta who is a rival to Goku then Goku would turn out to become a very Dull Character. And there are many fans of the series for whom Vegeta is more of their personal favorite than Goku.

1. Itachi Uchiha ( Naruto )

itachi uchiha naruto shippuden anime

The hero from the shadows but villian for the world. If anyone who has watched the Naruto Shippuden is going to say that their cant be a hero best than Vegeta in any anime . Even after the death of Itachi no one knows that he is the reason because of the peace of the world if Itachi was not their naruto could not have done anything and even after his death he is regarded as a murderer of his own clan and a rebel to the fire nation only a very few individuals know about the sacrifices that Itachi has done for the sake of the world.

So that’s it for today guys I can say that no one is going to disagree with Itachi as the most loved villain but if you disagree with any other character on the list or their place tell down in the comment section down below.

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