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Top 10 most overpowered hero in anime

Top 10 most overpowered hero in anime

Manga and anime are the universe’s where anything can happen and in that universe their are many overpower heroes who have always been a topic for discussion for the fans as who is the most powerful from all of them .

So here is the list of top 10 most overpowered heroes in anime.

IN this list character are not ranked on any order its on to you to tell your order in the comment section down below and do you think their someone missing in the list?


1. Uchiha sasuke – Naruto

Uchiha sasuke Naruto shippuden

Uchiha sasuke the student of the 6th hokage ,the wielder of chidori and also the student of one of the legendary sannin orochimaru ,the little brother of Itachi uchiha who destroyed the whole uchiha clan the one of the strongest clan in the konoha village and had done so single handedly and sasuke was the one who killed him and now he is the protecter of konoha from the shadows .

Sasuke is the only person who is regarded as a worthy opponent to Naruto and his life long rival.

Sasuke was overpowered from his childhood always good in all the things in his skill ,his studies and who could do all kinds of ninjutsu even which were considered to require some real talent.

2. Saitama – one punch man

Saitama defeating Superman from one punch man
Saitama defeating Superman from one punch man

Saitama a person who is said to be able to destroy any enemy may he be a mutant a giant or an intergalactic alien warlord with just a single punch .

The main character and star superhero of One Punch Man, Saitama, trained for only 3 years to become the world’s strongest man. Well, now he is and can defeat any enemy with just- you guessed it- one single punch.

Gigantic, terrifying monsters will litereally explode just from him punching them.

He’s constantly on the hunt to find someone or something that can prove to be a challenge for him, but with his OP punch, a challenge is hard to find.

Saitama was made made as a parody character for Goku the hero of dragon ball universe but in an actual matter of fact he is not like him he is not eager to fight haven’t found a worthy opponent till yet so a lot is still unknown regarding his power.

3. Kurosensei – assassination classroom

Kurosensei assassination Classroom  manga

Kurosensei is an high school teacher and a really great one at that who know all the strength and weakness of his student but that doesn’t make him op but it’s his mech 3 speed ,his 8 tentacles the mind of an assassin and nearly no weakness at all make him the most op character for all the teachers .

4. Gildarts – Fairy tail

Gildarts the s rank wizard fairy tail anime

Gildarts with the magic of disassembling can even disassemble the magic of his opponent a person who is geared and respected by all his nature is of a carefree person but on the battlefield he becomes really serious the only person who has came back alive from the 100 year quest and a person who has fought against a dragon with same power level as achnologia.

5. Ichigo kurosaki – bleach

Ichigo kurosaki bleach anime

How powerful can a man get ? This question fits exactly on the spot for ichigo kurosaki a person who has acquired a zanpakuto by coincidence had been able to release it’s bankai be a hollow and a Quincy ,be the son of one of the strongest soul reaper and a being who has fullbuster as well as 4 zanpakuto version.

6. Whitebeard – one piece

Whitebeard emperor of sea one piece

Whitebeard was a devil with his tremor tremor devil fruit power was feared by all the admirals of army and to go against him meant to get all the warlords ,all the marine power ,the three admiral ,garp and sengoku just so to stop whitebeard from stopping ace death and even when at that time he was ill.

Even at his death no one was able to think of him as weak and even after his death he standard straight with all the pride in his body.

Whitebeard from the colorful pirate anime One Piece basically possesses the power to completely destroy the world.

The Devil Fruit he ate is the Gura Gura no Mi, and with the abilities from this fruit, he can create earthquakes, sink islands with no problem, and repel anything- even intangible forces like ghosts and spirits.

It’s certainly among the most powerful, and overpowered Devil Fruits in One Piece, allowing the user to sink and annihilate anything in their path.

Although it didn’t prevent him from dying, it pretty much took an entire army to finally put him to rest.

The only person who could have been regarded as the pirate king after Roger and who has done many fights with Roger in his early days.

7. All might – boku no hero academia

All might my hero academia

With the power of “one for all ” the hero who saves the society,who is like a flame in the darkest night who illuminated all the heart of people with love and safety , the symbol of peace whose name is enough to make villian afraid .
All might power is one for all which is a power which is passed on with hero and it keep accumulating and that is the reason all night is so strong his speed is as fast as speed of light and his punch with all his strength can even destroy a whole city from the face of earth

8. Zeno – dragon ball super

Zeno sama dragon ball Z super

Zeno the Omni potent God of the dragon ball universe is by far the strongest character in this series as with the power to destroy all the universe on just the whim of a thought with using even 1% of his strength as when the zeno of the timeline of zamasu destroyed all the 12 universe’s it appeared like it was just like cutting a piece of a cake for him.
And if that was just a easy task for him what may happen when he actually start to fight seriously he is by far the strongest character in the world of anime and manga.

9. Orochimaru – Naruto

Orochimaru one of the three sannin Naruto shippuden.jpg

As one of the key antagonists in the Naruto world, Orochimaru is constantly a source of overpowered ninjutsu. Not only does he have an extensive arsenal of fellow ninjas to do his bidding, this guy just never, ever dies. It didn’t even matter that his body was completely dead and destroyed; he came back from the dead in full force just because he’s just that OP.
From the beginning of the naruto series we always get to see how powerful he was just as talented as sasuke even he was the one who taught sasuke the student of the 3rd hokage and one of the 3 legendary sannin.

10. Whish

Whish angel dragon ball super

The Teacher of the god of destruction beerus and said to be able to defeat beerus anytime he wishes , the son of the grand priest the 2nd most strongest being after zeno who even has the power to change the past ,the present and result the change in future and also who can see future and the very few who knew the secrets and power of the universes older than most of the god of destructions.

Weish is a being from the dragon ball the universe who is both strong and smart which makes him very overpowered from the time he was introduced in DBZ we have still not seen the fighting power of any angels till now but all god of destruction agree they are much more stronger than them and definitely much more wiser.


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