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Which Shonen Anime Should You Watch ? | Top 10 Shonen Anime For All

Shonen is the most popular and most loved category in anime all around the world and there is a reason for it. Shonen are made keeping boys between the age of 12 to teenagers in mind. And what they prefer is story with action and adventure.

And these are also the thing which attract many people from all age group towards it.

From the beginning of anime there has been many great shonen anime which has taken our hearts some of them are dark, some have comedy and mostly all have action adventure and today we will look at the top 10 most popular shonen anime which will always be the very first anime recommendation by me.

  • Bleach
  • Death note
  • Fairy tail
  • Nanatsu No Taizai
  • Hunter x hunter
  • One piece
  • Naruto
  • My hero Academia
  • Dragon ball Z
  • Attack on titan

All of these shonen anime are the one which nearly every shonen lover have watched and love and if you have not read any should read it as soon as possible.


bleach anime
Bleach from the big three

Bleach has been among the big 3 shonen anime for a whole long time for during it’s run and if you don’t know the big 3 are the manga by shonen jump which stays on its top sold manga list, they changes many time but it had been in it for many years along with one piece and Naruto.

Bleach is always among those shonen a anime where there is a male protagonist with a huge passion for protecting the world, sacrifing himself for others but also what makes it unique at time was it’s story but yeah in its prolong journey it’s quality had also seen a rollercoaster.

But it is a anime all shonen fans will all love to watch.

Death Note


The dark side of shonen is death note, well shonen is intended for kids but there are many times when the anime has also tried to appeal to an older audience and the one many which were not even intended for kids was death note.

And if you were to say that death note is not shonen for its dark story it’s main target audience was actually intended to be kids and teen as it has ran in the shonen jump magazine and many kids could resemble themself with L or light.

Fairy tail

fairy tail

Fairy tail is the Disney looney toons for anime and this is in my opinion because of it’s light theme and colours in the beginning chapters but as it progressed it matured into an anime for teenage audience only.

Fairy tail has the friendship part which we can see in many shonen, fight scenes are also great and dont feel repetitive and it also appeals to older audience in form of Natsu peeping on Lucy.

Fairy tail is great for all shonen fan but the final season of it is not intended to be seen by kids as it has death, nudity, torture.

Nanatsu no Taizai

seven deadly sins anime with all members
Nanatsu no taizai seven deadly sin

Seven deadly sin had also in parts been in the big three when bleach had ended and it’s place had to be taken by someone it didn’t stay there for long but still it’s a great shonen anime.

Nanatsu No Taizai is a story aba out a group of seven individuals who are the strongest knights of the empire but for a reason had to go in hiding and after many years the world needs their help and they will now unite back.

Hunter x Hunter

hunter x hunter anime all the friends

The hunter x hunter came out back in the ’90s as an ova it was reanimated and was refined and became into its anime version hxh is a shonen anime where we see the friendship between gonna and killua both in their 14-16 years of age in a world where their is a power system like dbz.

Hunter x hunter is a complete piece of cake for any anime lover not just shonen but from all demographic.

One piece

one piexce pirate crew of luffy

The longest-running shonen anime to date is none other than one piece which is the story of monkey d Luffy who is going to become the king of the pirates by finding the one piece treasure.

If you are looking for an shonen anime just like Naruto with its friendship nakama feeling but more chilled feeling than one piece should be your first choice but be aware its not an Anime you could finish in a day or week as it already has more than 1000+ manga chapter and 950+ anime episodes twice or thrice than Naruto even including its filler .



Now we will talk about the last of the big three from the previous generation which after so many years has given away its position to the new players immerging in the market of any me .

Naruto Ranking All The Tailed Beast | Jinchuriki and The Tailed BeastsNaruto is the story of our hero Naruto who was an outcast in his own village where everyone called him a monster and how he turned all those eyes full of hatred towards him into love and affection.

My hero academia

all might

The new addition to the big three is my hero academia this is a shonen which has all the good features from the previous big three it has taken the all powerful being from dragon ball z all might,have many power unique to each hero from hunter x hunter and a protagonist who comes from looked as an outcast midoriya which is from Naruto story.

Dragon ball Z

dragon ball z poster

The father of the big three of shonen anime dragon ball z is the father both in terms of reach and years that it has been running and how much it had inspired all the three anime from one piece ,Naruto and bleach even the mangala of the big three accepts they took some inspiration from DBZ in one way or another .

Dragon ball z which started as a show inspired from monkey King from journey to the west to becoming an Anime about a interplanetary race called Saiyan to turning into a show about inter-universal shows is how popular DBZ is among anime lovers especially shonen lovers.

Attack on titan

attack on titan all the characters of anime

Again like death note AOT again is an shonen anime which is called as shonen because of it first being publised in an shonen jump magazine the biggest shonen manga magazine.

The reason why people don’t prefer to put it as shonen is because of its heavy story full of deaths ,betrayal and homicide.

The story starts with us coming to know about eren Yeager and many people being stuck in an island surrounded by giant creatures known as Titans who devours humans .

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