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Top 13 Immortal God like character In Anime | Animeman Top 13

In anime there are a huge range of stories where there are many character who will never die maybe because of their overpower or they can’t die.

They may have super regenerative ability or they are omnipotent immortal who never dies.

Immortality is one of those abilities which are always used in stories to bring a sense of helplessness and complete destruction and have been used to bring readers attention and make it entertaining.

They may die physically but their soul is not destroyed or there bodies grow back cut limb.

And today we are gonna see those top immortal in anime who can’t die.

In this list I have included character from animes, manga and some character from manhwa.

  • Ban from seven deadly sins
  • Alucard from hellsing
  • Ryuk from death note
  • Zombieman from one punch man
  • Sosuke Aizen from bleach
  • Kaguya Otsutsuki from naruto
  • Father from fullmetal alchemist
  • Zeref from fairy tail
  • Kei Nagai from Ajin
  • Skeleton from skeleton soldier couldn’t protect the dungeon
  • Zeno from dragon ball Z
  • Dio from jojo bizarre Adventure
  • Muzan from Demon Slayer

Ban From Seven Deadly Sins

There is something you should know, a real sin is something you can never atone for

Ban the fox sin of greed

Ban, the fox sin aka the bandit Ban Aka undead Ban and the man of greed is one of the seven deadly sin and the best friend of Meliodas.

His sin is of greed, he wished for his loved one to never leave him and for that he was punished with eternal life .

Ban can never die , not from fire , not from being cut into piece nor even from being his heart taken out from his body and when this combines with his skill of snatch to rob his opponent speed and strength he is a beast.

And spoiler alert if you have not completed the anime and manga Ban at the end loses his immortality for giving back life to Elaine with the power of fountain of youth.

Now he is the king of the fairy kingdom and a father of a cute little boy Lancelot.

Alucard from Hellsing

It takes a man in order to kill a monster!


Alucard Aka the count dracula is one dangerous immortal you don’t want to ever meet in your life and not even in your afterlife.

After being defeated by Van Helsing many years ago he now serves the Helsing organization in order to kill the beings of the night.

He just loves to kill vampires and ghouls. He is always shown to be disgusted with vampires for killing without a cause but Alucard always loves to first humiliate his opponent then kill them.

He always allows to be attacked blown into bits then coming together again and destroy his opponent.

He is the count dracula, vlad the destroyer and king of vampires. His character is very much inspired from Dracula by Bram Stocker.

Ryuk from Death Note

All humans die the same, the place they go after death isn’t decided upon by a god it is Mu (nothingness).


Ryuk is a Shinigani a harbringer of death from death note who was the reason Light Yagami got the death note and he did so only because he wanted to get rid of his boredom.

Ryuk is a very dangerous being as he is given the duty to write the name of people who are to die and in doing so he is rewarded with that persons life.

In this way he becomes immortal but he is not someone who only wishes for eternity but what makes him entertained is toying with life.

He has the shinigami eyes, a ability which give him power to know someone’s name and his remaining life which he can give to others in offer of their half life in trade.

Ryuk was the main reason why the whole death note happened.

Zombieman from One Punch Man

Get ready for a battle if attrition.


Zombieman is the 8th S- rank her of the hero organisation . He is a result of human experimentation done on him by the scientist of house of Evolution.

He has grey coloured skin with dark circles under his eyes and from his looks look like a vampire or undead or as his name suggest an zombie.

He can’t be killed with any method. Even if you cut him , burn him, put him in acid, blow him he just regenerated back to life.

But his immortality comes with immesurable stamina and endurance so he can fights for very long amount of time but physically he is just above average and uses an axe or a gun to destroy monsters.

He is proficient in detective skills so his immortality allows him to spy in dangerous places.

Sosuke Aizen

There is no such thing as “truth” or “lies” in this world; there never has been. There are only plain, hard facts. And yet, all beings who exist in this world acknowledge only those “facts” that are convenient to them, and take them to be the “truth”. They do so because they know no other way of living. However, for those powerless beings who comprise the majority of this world’s population, inconvenient facts that affirm their very existence, are their only truth.

Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen previously the captain of the 5th division of the gotei 13 and the main villian of the bleach series is one of the most badass anime villian ever written.

Sosuke is a beast with his literally unparalleled intellect and strategically well developed mind which always think ahead in time and the deceptive ability of his zanpakuto.

When he was in soul society everyone thought of him as a kind and helpful but that was all a disguise to completely destroy the soul society, hyurgo mundo and the human world.

With the help of the hogyoku being absorbed into his body he becomes a soul which cannot be destroyed and which made him a immortal.

And after Ichigo defeats him he was punished to be kept in the lowest floor of the soul society jail for 20,000 years of Imprisonment.

Kaguya Otsutsuki


Kaguya Otsutsuki is a member of the Otsutsuki clan which is a intergalactic species of aliens which eats the life of a planet to stay alive.

They get immortality by consuming others life force which they get by turning the planets life energy into ten tails and then eating the world fruit from it.

Kaguya was the strongest and final opponent shown in Naruto shippuden who no one was able to kill and had to be only sealed away.

In boruto we got to know why they can’t die and also that they could be killed if there was no vessel for them to resurrect if their current bodies were to be destroyed.

Father from Fullmetal Alchemist


Father is the oldest homunculus from fullmetal alchemist who is the creator of the other 12 homunculus directly or indirectly.

He is someone who wishes to rule the world and bring absolute goodness to the world and become the most superior from the human race.

He is arrogant and self righteous and with his power to make anyone obey him. He bring absolute destruction when thing don’t happen his ways and is the main antogonist in the fullmetal alchemist.

Zeref from Fairy Tail


Zeref was considered the strongest most evilest mage of all time in the fairy tail universe. A mage with a very black History full of death and destruction wherever he is present.

He is the black magician who knows the darkest, strongest and evilest magic of all time.

In the start he was shown to be self hating and lonely character who was always in search of his own destruction who created many monsters who could kill him.

He was the creator of END the strongest monster made from his dead brothers body.

In the end he got his long wished death with his lover on his side which made him turn into a favourite character of many from a villian.

Kei Nagai From Ajin

We have a 0% chance of winning right now. That number will stay at zero forever unless we intervene. So even if it comes to nothing, we have to keep acting. It can be a 0.00001% chance. We have to do this to keep the possibility alive of creating a way to win. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here, you idiot? Fighting to the end, even if it comes to nothing, isn’t an illogical act! This is a carefully considered way of maximising what is our current 0% chance of winning! It is a perfectly logical thing to do!!

Kei Nagai

Kei first died when he was a baby due to Perinatal Hypoxia but was revived due to his status as an Ajin. The doctors who were trying to treat him believed it was a miracle.

Like all Ajins, Kei is completely immortal, he is unable to die under any circumstances such as being completely crushed, decapitated, or even due to malnutrition.

However, he fears that if his head is decapitated and a new head grows on his body, he would have no control over his body anymore.

Like all Ajin, Kei possesses IBM however he has an abnormal amount of it and thus he can manifest more than the average Ajin.

Kei can also manifest a Black Ghost and unlike Ghosts of other Ajin, it is considerably plain without any distinct deformity.

Kei’s IBM/Black Ghost is a unique case since it was with him since childbirth, where he had first died.

Skeleton or no name from skeleton soldier couldn’t protect the dungeon


Skeleton was just a regular Skeleton Soldier minion placed under the Demon Lord Baal.

His past as a human remains unknown. His grave where his remains are buried had no clues about his past. The tombstone of his grave had been scratched so bad that they can’t even see his name on it.

Skeleton was first resurrected by a low-ranking necromancer named Rubia however she died right away after resurrecting Skeleton.

But in tragic turn of events he also dies unable to protect her but after his death he was resurrected back in time and in this turn he will do his all to save his master.

This not actual immortality but he can’t die no matter what and will just get revived back in time as the story progress your love for this character will also increase.

This is a manhwa who currently don’t have an anime but is an anime which do deserve one and is one of my must read isekai manhwa.

Zeno from Dragon Ball Z

In a series full of immortal being who can in a way never die with the help of dragon Ball we had to put a character and that is none other than Zeno.

Zeno is the omnipotent king of the multiverse who can destroy everything from existence with just his whimsical wish.

He had destroyed 6 universes previously because he was bored. He is the strongest character DBZ series and it was said that he is immortal who has been from the time of creation of multiverse and even will be alive when they are destroyed which we saw in the manga.

And I don’t think there is a character who can actually kill him so he is the strongest immortal God anime character.

Dio from Jojo Bizarre Adventure

The More Carefully You Scheme, The More Unexpected Events Come Along.


Dio Brando known as DIO from Part 3 onwards, is the main antagonist of Part 1 and Part 3.

After becoming a vampire and later a Stand user, Dio has gathered around him many minions and is responsible for many major events of the series, from the death of Jonathan Joestar to the Joestar Family’s sudden acquisition of Stand power, and his legacy persists throughout the series. 

DIO’s Stand is The World; a humanoid Stand that specializes in melee attack roughly equal, if not superior, in its immense force and speed to Jotaro Kujo’s Star Platinum.

But the most dangerous thing about him is the ability that he gets from his stand is the ability to control time, he can stop time which make his opponent think he is moving at ultra fast speed .

It could have been even more developed if he was not destroyed.

Muzan From Demon Slayer


Muzan the progenitor of all the demons from demon slayer is the one single enemy whose destruction will get the world rid of all the monsters.

The origin of Muzan is unknown but he was affected from a virus which made him turn immortal and turned him in combination of the count dracula and a zombie.

He don’t have a particular form and keep changing his body. No demon slayer was able to match his power except one and he has always killed humans for than a 1000years.

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