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Top 14 Dragons In Anime Manga and Fantasy Ranked Based on Power

Dragons have always been a part of Chinese and Japanese mythology they are not only a symbol of destruction but they also represent spirituality, pride and honour and the also has been used to show power.

Many Emperor has used the Statues Of Dragons to show their power in their Empires and therefore there are also many manga and mangaka has use this creature to give a sense of power in the Anime.

And in today’s list we are gonna list down some of these strongest Dragons that we see in anime and Manga so friends tell me which are your favourite Dragons and friends if I have missed any of them please tell me down in the comment.

  1. Dragoon
  2. Blue dragon
  3. Hyorinmaru
  4. Goddramon
  5. Rayquaza
  6. Kaido
  7. Bahamut
  8. Valdora Tempest
  9. Ryukotsusei
  10. Achnologia
  11. Ja jaryuu tensei
  12. Tathamet diablo
  13. Dragon Monarch Antareas
  14. Super Shenron



First off we start our list with a bit spirit from Beyblade Dragoon. Dragon was the first Beyblade spirit that we have seen in the day and he was in the form of a snake looking dragon with 4 legs.

Since Dragon is only a bit-beast and do not have a physical body therefore he had to be on this place.

Blue Dragon


Another dragon who doesn’t have a body of its own but depends on the shadow of his wielder.

When Shu first got the ability to transform his shadow into a monster his shadow got converted into blue dragon, one of the strongest shadow monster .

In actual Blue Dragon was a very powerful Dragon who was feared and worshiped by many who was converted into a shadow by a spell.

And in the end of the season 1 we actually got to see the true form of the blue dragon with powerful wing and his two leg and in that form he put fear in heart of friends and foes.

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Hyorinmaru is the Strongest ice Zanpakuto of Hitsugaya who is a captain in gotei 13.

Hyorinmaru in his bankai form takes the appearance of a ice serpentine dragon with very large spike needle like body and he transform in a physical body takes form of a tall guy with a ice scar on his face.

He is able to turn water vapour in the air into ice caneven go towards absolute zero.Hyorinmaru has an immense spiritual energy and is able to turn fire into ice.

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Now from Digimon we have one of the 4 Holy Dragons Goddramon. He is one of the strongest Digimon but with a wicked heart he controls fire and has very powerful attacks he rules over the east side of the digital world.


Now we have an actual dragon who has his own body and a wide space to rule.

Rayquaza was one of the very first pokemon introduced to us who camed from the outer space and with him comes destruction. It was the pokemon who can control the fight between legendary pokemon kyogre and groudon and is a very powerful in terms of power and speed.


The strongest man in the one piece universe is the captain of the beast pirates Kaido who with the help of his devil fruit gets turned into serpentine dragon.

Kaido has very strong haki and is one of the most feared pirate who was once a member of the rock pirate.

Kaido has ability to turn in dragon form and fly can shoot flames out of his mouth and also take a dragonian form and on top of this he is a oni which gives him greater strength than an ordinary human.


Bahamut from the mythology has been used many times in anime and such was used in SHINGEKI NO BAHAMUT GENESIS where Bahamut appears as a humanoid dragon of immense Titanic size.

Bahamut is the destruction of the universe and he is so strong that the demon Lord Satan and king of God’s Zeus both had to sacrifice their bodies to just seal him not even kill.

Bahamut cannot be killed and even that seal will break with time and he will come back again for the destruction of the universe.

Valdora Tempest


In that time I got reincarnated as a slime Valdora was the strongest existence who even the demon Lords feared and who became the very first friend of the protagonist.

Valdora void magic gave him the ability to create the universe or destroy which already makes him many times stronger than the the dragons above.

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Years before the events of the series, Ryūkotsusei was a feared Daiyōkai that terrified the land. Inuyasha’s father, Tōga, fought and defeated the dragon, sealing him in a state of dormancy. Two hundred years later, Inuyasha’s arch-enemy, Naraku, helps Ryūkotsusei come back to life, and the dragon engages in a fierce battle against Inuyasha.



Acnologia is the ruthless antagonist of the Fairy Tail anime. He bathed in the blood of the dragons he killed, allowing him to transform into a dragon at will. 

When we get to know his story we see that it was not like so from always but it happened when a dragon kills his family.

Ja from Jaryuu Tensei

Another dragon from a manga who could change time and space and with which on his death bed he gave his body to a corporate man on earth and fallen in sleep of death.

Ja is the name of that silver dragon and is one of the being who along with other dragons took care of the problems caused by the gods. He ended their terror and freed the people.

He has the power to rival the power of the gods and the demon Lords.


“It is the sum total of all seven Evils housed within one body. There is an ancient legend, known only to a few, of the great Dragon, Tathamet, who was the original embodiment of evil. The legend says that he was ripped apart during an epic battle with Anu, and that the Burning Hells are composed of his remains.”


Tathamet was the second being to exist in Creation. The counterpart of Anu, its creation and death led to the birth of the Burning Hells.

Tathamet in this list is not from any manga or anime but from the diablo universe and you can also find him in many mythology the primordial evil.

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Antareas Dragon Monarch


One of the key people behind the death of the One, the God who created the fragments of light and the monarch just for his entertainment and after knowing this it caused a war among the God and monarch in which the absolute being dies.

Antareas was the strongest ong those monarch and also the king of the dragons. We gets to meet him in the previous solo levelling manga.

And since they are being from before the beginning of time Antares for sure is one of the strongest dragon we see in manga or in any fantasy world.

Super Shenron


The dragon from the dragon ball Z super who could grant any wish from the creation of the multiverse to it’s destruction.

We saw the power of super shenron when he revived the 6 universes back to life after zeno had destroyed them.

In order to summon him there needs to be 9 planet size dragon ball and even after it you need to summon him in an ancient language but after that their is nothing which super shenron will not fulfill.

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