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Top 5 anime having a sad past behind them

Best 5 anime having a sad past behind them
Hello friends today let’s talk about the best anime out there which in are not just best in story but which had also made us sad with their story. So lets start our top 5 best anime with sad past list . All the anime has the stories of the character what made his life sad and the list is not in any particular order its up to you to tell me whose past was the saddest of all.
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1. Naruto


Naruto is one of the best anime in the sense of the hardship many character in naruto had to face many hardship in their life Naruto faces loneliness and a feeling of fear from his childhood for being a vessel for a tailed beast .His early life was full of sad memories which he turned into his power and became someone to be respected by the whole village.
Itachi uchih life was the ideal character in the series of Naruto as he was a figure of truth in the Naruto anime he always stood for the right thing which caused him to go against his own clan and his little brother who he loved the most when the truth was revealed of why Itachi killed his family it made me cry.He had to kill everyone he loved ,even till his dead people thought of him as a traitor ,his own brother hated him and all we see in his face was a care for his brother and village.
Sasuke childhood was also full of saddness he had a feeling of towards the person who he loved the most and admired his brother itachi his childhood and teenage was only engulfed with hatred towards Itachi he saw his whole clan and parents dying in front of his eyes.
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2. City Hunter

city hunter

City Hunter the story of Ryu who seems to be happy and all but the sadness inside him is deeper than ocean .His story being a assassin who wanna save everyone.He it the best assassin of the town whose shot never misses but was not able to save his friend his friend died in front of his eyes ,his lover was killed he seemed to be having fun with girls but in actual he tried that to distract him from his past memories.
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3. Assassination classroom

assasination classroom

Assassination classroom is here because it teaches us the importance of education but in the right way how much a student is important to his teacher this anime also has some really sad story behind it but to know it and feel it you have to watch it till the end.
In the assassination classroom kurosensei an assassin in his previous life got betrayed by his student the only person he trusted ,then he was experiments and got mutated into an monster ,while his experimentation he falled in love but because of his mutatin he killed the one person he loved its a story which will make you cry seeing his story.

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4. Fairy tail

fairy tail

Fairy tail also had its share in the sad part of its character and tragedy happening to them .
Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail . Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules.
When she was just a child her village was taken and were used as slaves to build a tower called “The Heaven Tower” and her only friends were 5 other children and a kind, gentle elderly man. Wrongly accused for trying to escape she’s taken and tortured till her friends save her. As she turns to attacking the guards and trips and is almost killed till the elderly man known as Simon jumps in front of her to save her and is killed breaking her heart. Then, one of her friends, Jellal, betrays her and everyone else causing her emotional pain plus during her torture she loses an eye and is given an artifical eye.
After she got over the pain of being and orphan and seeing death and torture around here from the age of about six, she finds her mum who was abused by Erza’s dad and she attempts to kill her own daughter.

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Zeref is considered to be the strongest, most evil Mage of all time, who possesses extremely dangerous, and powerful Magic. but he also was become so because of the past which occured to him
Lets see. Village was ravaged by dragons taking the lives of his parents and brother. Cursed with immortality and a curse so saddening that whenever he loves humanity everything around him dies forcing him to withdraw himself from humanity. Mascarred his entire school by accident as a teenager. Revived his brother as an etherious only to have him sent 400 years into the future to kill him due to acnologia. The only person he ever loved was killed by himself by accident. History manipulated him into an evil wizard when his brother sees him again for the first time in 400 years he has no recollection of zeref. He was shunned. Left in the darkness and treated horribly and lost more than ever could be lost. A village shunned naruto? How about humanity shunning zeref? No way naruto is better than this guy who lost everything and is destined to die at the hands of his brother. Naruto and sauske have no idea what this guy goes through every day.
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5. One piece

one piece

One piece my favourite manga and a very cheerful manga with the protagonist luffy being the most cheerful person in the world but even then this manga also has many sad past stories not as bad as naruto or fairy tail but significant.
Luffy being the most cheerful character who always has a smile on his face also had the most heart breaking moment seeing his Brother Ace die in front of him who he was unable to save that was the first time in the series that we see Luffy crying and going mad who was most close to his heart as sabo his to sworn brothers.

“Devil Child” Nico Robin at the age of 2 her mother left her with her abusive aunt, all the kids on her island made fun of her due to her devil fruit powers, and called her a monster, as well as this they would always tell her that her mother left her cause she scared her away. Also, everyone on her island apart from the scholars hated her and thought she was an actual devil. when her mother finally does come back, she only gets to see her for a short time before her entire island is blown up, and the only friends she had ever made (the scholars of Ohara aka the devils of ohara) were all killed, including Jaguar D saul, a giant that she had only befriended 7 days earlier that died trying to help her escape. Everywhere she went people would betray her and try turning her in for money, the marines also made up a lie that she had sunk 8 marine ships.
Vinsmoke Sanji, Bullied and insulted by his brothers, rejected and imprisoned by his father who wanted to forget he was born. Then being left on his own until his ship sunk and he was stuck on a rock where he starved for weeks.

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“Surgeon of Death” Trafalgar D. Water Law The loss of his parents and the destruction of his town, with a disease that seemed uncurable, and his sudden cause for blood and killing, and the loss of the man who helped and died for him…
Law’s past was probably the saddest in the whole one piece series! His home town was infected with a disease that was killing everyone in seconds! It was incurable and his family, neighbors and friends all died. He then joined the donquixote family and meets corazon who saved him in return for his own life.


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