Top Anime Characters Stories Inspired From Mythology | Top Mythology References in Anime

Anime, manga and fantasy has many genre which have taken their inspiration from many aspects of life and one of those such inspiration is mythology.

Many anime character or the world of their residing may have reference or used many myths from all around the world, from hindi mythology, greek mythology, norse mythology, etc.

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And in today’s list we will see some of those anime manga which has a character inspired from these mythology or the world inspired from the myths.

Naruto has used many of the Hindu myths


The world of Naruto has used many hindu mythology as a reference and has its main character based on two of the great gods of hindu mythos Indra and Adhura. Well Indra is the king of God’s and heaven and is the controller of rain and lightning and Ashura is the name of the clan of demon not of a single person.

And it also has references of Ninja, samurai, chakra and kurama who is based on nine tails fox from Japanese myths, so Naruto has used many of these stories in its making.

One piece is a tresure chest of myths from all over the world

One piece has used every single myths from all over the world from religious to cultural myths. We can find mermaids, giants, God’s, spaceships, aliens, Atlantis, heaven, poseidon, uranus and so many more.

In its 1000 chapter journey and 100 arcs each arc contains a new myths and some references from them so if you want to see the manga which has used most of the mythology from the world then it is One Piece.

Goku has been inspired from Son Wukong

The original dragon ball which had shown goku as a kid was based on the story of journey to the the West it’s background, foreground and characters design all were based on it.

Goku was inspired from the main fighter of journey to the West, Son Wukong the monkey King. Goku’s nimbus cloud, his pole and him transforming into a giant ape are all referenced to him.

Bleach has used Shinigami the death God of Japanese myths

Shinigami are the death God of the Japanese culture .Shinigami (死神, literally “death god” or “death spirit”) are gods or supernatural spirits that invite humans toward death in certain aspects of Japanese religion and culture. Shinigami have been described as monsters, helpers, and creatures of darkness. Shinigami are used for tales and religions in Japanese culture.

And the sould reaper in a way are shinigamis but rather than only inviting human to the world of the death they also have to kill the hollow and maintain the balance between earth, soul society and hueco mundo.

Kamishama Kiss shows the love between a God and a human


Kamishama kiss is based on Shinto religion from Japan. In it we can see many kami which are the spirits all around us some of the useful and helpful one of them are worshipped and other just lives all around us.

In it Tomoe is a fox spirit kami who falls in love to Nanami who was a human who was assigned as the God of the shrine of Mikage an another kami God who was worshipped and this show is all about the love between the two.


Another anime based on Shinto mythology which has used the nine tails spirit in the form of a male protagonist Inuyasha . It also has used many ghost spirit known as Yokai which roam in the human world and scare them.

Inuysha also takes place in the Shinto period so you can also find some history from all the chapters we read in the manga.

Record of Ragnarok is The War of the Myths


The anime which became trending among the anime community in the 2021 in the beginning of the year has used all God mythos from Hindu to Greek, Egyptian and norse.

It shows the war which is going to happen between the war among the gods and representatives of human to decide the fate of mankind , to check if the humans are any more worthy to still roam the earth.

In it we see the epic fight of Adam, zeus, hades, shiva, Buddha and many more well known gods and human which makes this anime a must watch.

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