Top Anime Characters That Look Weak But Are Very Strong

In animes, many characters look weak but you will be fooled by their appearance as they are very strong. And today in this list we will meet some of those top anime characters who look weak but are strong.

  • Meliodas
  • Gon
  • Izuku Midoriyo
  • Shigeo Kageyama
  • Escannor
  • Rimuru tempest
  • Saitama
  • Zeno
  • Hinata
  • Luffy
  • Chopper


Meliodas looks like a teenage kid who has been in a bunk with his friends from school being in a rugged dress who has no worries and is very jolly but don’t be fooled by his this appearance.


Meliodas is the elder son of the demon lord and the captain of the seven deadly sins who are the strongest knight of the kingdom. Meliodas has defeated the demon king along with Ban so he is just a kid by look but a devil by power.


hunter x hunter anime all the friends

Gon freecs is a kid in his 14 who was in the search of his father who had promised to meet him once he became a hunter who is the most skilled person who goes on an adventure full of dangers.

Gon by personality is a very kind and loving child but we saw his real power in the ant king Arc when out of pure hatred he sacrificed his nen for a burst of immense power from his future to take revenge.

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IIzuku Midoriya

Izuku from my hero academia was a quirkless child who was pure of heart just like our captain America who will jump on the grenade for others.

But because of his quirkless life he was seen as a useless person but seeing his pure heart all might decided to make him his successor as the new owner of one for all.

He is a kid therefore he looks weak but this quirk makes him as strong as the combined strength of all his predecessors who owned this ability ( referenced just like avatar).

Shigeo Kageyama

Shigeo Kageyama from mob psycho 100 is a psychic but with immense strength. By his personality he is a very shy person who is a complete introvert but once he gets completely annoyed his power takes over him and make him the strongest person in his universe.


The sin of pride Escannor is the strongest member of the holy knights’ seven deadly sins. But his strength is not permanent it keeps rising with the rising sun and is on the peak at noon but after that, it keeps decreasing making him turn into a frail-looking mal-nutrition man at the peak of the night.

This power is both a boon and a Bane but at nearly the end of the season, Escannor learned to use his power with the help of his sunshine Merlin even at night because for him his love was like the sun providing him power.

He is the only character whose looking weak is not by choice but by his power but he definitely is weak looking but very strong.

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Rimuru Tempest

that time i got reincarnated as a slime

Rimuru Tempest from that time I got reincarnated as a slime in actual is slime and if you have played any RPG games then you surely know that slimes are the very first monster and also the weakest monster you face in a game.

And from the actual outer appearance of rimuru he is the cutest gooey thing I have seen and no one can imagine that he can defeat even an ant and will be squashed by anyone but in actuality, he has the power of Tempest dragon who is a high demon lord level threat.



The parody anime character who works as the complete opposite of the dc hero superman. Who is a hero for fun, helping others is not a necessity for him and there is no fun in his life as he doesn’t feel challenged in front of any enemy?

His immense training ( laughing in my mind) has made him into a hero but in turn, made him lose his hair, his face doesn’t look like a hero when he is not serious and because of it on many occasions, many heroes have regarded him as a nobody in the anime.

But behind his unattractive face, there is a monster who can defeat many monsters with a single punch and he is not somebody to mess with.

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zeno sama from dbz super.jpg

The supreme king of the multiverse under whom all lord of destruction works and also the person who on his whimsical thought can destroy the whole multiverse in the blink of an eye.

Zeno is a very scary, very innocent looking alien child being.

But this child had already destroyed half of the 14 universes in the DBZ therefore Zeno is the most deserving kid on this list of Top Anime Characters That Look Weak But Are Very Strong.


Hinata is the wife of the Hokage Naruto but by her nature, she is very shy and only keeps things to herself when first she was introduced in the series many people including me thought that she was not good at using jutsu and fighting.

But in the pain Arc, we saw her risking her life for Naruto which showed her courage and we also saw her use the byakugan which showed us that she was not a useless girl but real strong support.


one piexce pirate crew of luffy

The captain of the straw hat Luffy when first was introduced in the series was a character who from the looks of him looked very weak had no muscles, by nature was a carefree person and had no worries about anything.

And even though he had the gomu gomu no mi devil fruit ability he was not strong nor skilled at using it but he became strong with his training and after gaining all the experience after the time skip.

Even not Luffy seems weak from the look but is now very strong.

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Another crewmate of Luffy from one piece is a deer who had eaten the human fruit giving him the brain and mind of a human he appearance is like a cute stuffed teddy bear and no one can think that he could fight.

But Chopper being a doctor had developed a drug for himself which when he consumes turn him into a monster who can destroy nearly anything which comes in his path.

No one can assume that a monster lives inside the body of that cute little teddy deer.

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