11 Best Immortal Characters Ranked From Movies, Anime And Comic

There are many immortal characters in movies, comics, and anime some are born this way or they had gained the power of immortality.

No matter what you do slice them in pieces, burn them, and mince them between a thrasher and whatnot but they will soon get back on their feet.

Here immortality has been used as the power to not die not to have a very long life like Thor or Odin who dies from old age but in thousand years.

So today we will rank the 10 characters who can not die, including heroes and villains, but here I have excluded all the cosmic beings from making the list more interesting.

  • Hidan
  • Ban
  • Superman
  • Alucard
  • Deadpool
  • Wolverine
  • Molecule Man
  • Dr. Manhattan
  • Immortal Hulk
  • Ashwatthama
  • Aizen


Hidan from Naruto was a member of Akatsuki who was immortal no matter of you burn him, cut him in pieces or use any kind of jutsu on him he can’t die.

He was the only remaining member of his clan who worshipped a God who gave this immoratality and he massacred his own clan to be the only one remaining in his clan.

He was not killed even at end and to stop him from being a threat to Konoha Shikamaru buried him in the ground with his head severed to stay their forever.

And even after having his head cut off jhe only said having a headache.


Ban from seven deadly sin was granted the gift of immoratality and eternal youth from the fountainnof youth which he sacrificed to revive Elene his love of life.

But till he had his immortality no one could kill him even if you destroy him to molecular level he will come back alive.

Neithee the goddesss bor the king of demon was able to kill him even in his own kingdom.

And along with Meliodas Ban was able to defeat demon Lord in a fight and after returning from Hell his powers nearly doubled.


Now superman is also a being who is immortal and will remain alive as long as their is a star from which he can absorb his energy or his life force.

In the comics he had lived for tens of thousand years after all his loved one died.

He left the earth and roamed in the multiverse for many millenia.

And had even got out of the multiverse towards the source wall.


He is also immortal being a vampire and being researched on but for him this is not true immortality.

In order to control his immense powers he put some seals on them and in seal form his immortality is all powerful but if he removes all the seals.

Just like any other vampire if he gets stabbed to heart in level 0 he will die.

But it can’t be completely true after he had absorbed Schrödinger and what had changed from it.


Deadpool the crazy anti hero from marvel is a badass and has very strong regenerative ability but that is not the reason for his immortality.

If you could destroy ever single cell of his or destroy his brain he could die but that was before Thanos cursed him to be immortal.

The reason for his immortality is Thanos because he never wanted him to be with death whom he loved but deathbloved deadpool not him.


Wolverine in the movies has been shown to die from old age but in the comic he is immortal both in term of physical damage and also from old age.

Wolverine is the first xmen who had got his movie. Just like deadpool he is a badass but he is hero not an anti hero.

His powers are mostly physical except for his regeneration but cause of his daring nature he always throw himself in front of dangers cause he know he will recover from all damages very fast.

Molecule Man

Now molecule man of marvel has still not appeared in the MCU but after the hunting of secret wars and incursions he could soon appear.

Molecule man was the one responsible for the destruction of the multiverse who had started the incursions.

He is not a cosmic being but a person who was experimented by the beyonders and in other version had absorbed all beyonders powers.

After the battleworld event he helped reed richards to bring the multiverse back to life and he lives in every single universe so killing him is impossible.

In this way he is a true immortal being.

Dr. Manhattan

Dr Manhattan is a being who was made after a failed experiment which had turned his body into pure energy.

His physical body is in another dimension and the body he use is made up of only energy so no attack could ever work on him.

And since energy could neither be created nor destroyed this make dr manhattan pure immortal.

And in terms of power he is a very powerful opponent even for the strongest in DC Universe.


The immortality to Aizen was granted to him by the Hogyoku which he combined with his own body.

Urahara at that time said that only way to save the soul society is by capturing and keeping in prison than killing him as that become of no use.

Aizen in this immortal state with his wicked mindset and his hypnosis causing zanpakuto make him the most powerful villian.

That is also the reason why he is always found in best anime villians playlist.

Immortal Hulk

Immortal hulk as the name suggest is immortal. He was born when Bruce Banner died but Hulk survived and again now hulk died and Bruce was left alive.

And at that time the one below all combined with him who is the negative aspect of one above all.

If the purpose of one above all is the creation of the multiverse then ond below all lives for its destruction.

And he need gamma mutates to come to world and he is also a connection to the green door which allows hulk or banner to come back to life even if one dies.

Hulk was at a time cut down in different pieces and kept in a test tube – his head, his heart, brain and every single part in different vessel but was still alive and conscious.

So even destroying him to molecular level or destroying brain is useless.


One of the Chiranjivis Or the eternal living Aswatthama is the son of Dronacharya from Mahabharat an indian epic.

Aswatthama immortality is not a blessing but a cursed to stay alive with all kinds of diseases with a hole in his head.

He was cursed by Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu for killing the unborn grandson of the Pandava’s and their 5 sons.

He was to roam the earth until it’s end in Kali Yuga and will spread the knowledge of Veda till then.