Well, friends who don’t want to get rid of boredom and feel excited and free from all problems and worries of the world and get to another world. This is what we see in isekai manga. Isekai means being reincarnated into another world. The hero may be reincarnated into another world with magic or he may be reincarnated to his younger self or in a world full of advanced technology.

top isekai manga with op mc 2020
Well in the isekai genre, There has been a sudden rise in the light novel, manga, and anime and there are so many pieces in the genre with their own unique story and character development .the hero may be reincarnated into another species or get other world power, so and so. So today we gonna see some top isekai Manga of 2020 which you could read. So keep reading till the end and also tell me which are your favorite isekai Manga
  1. I’m a Spider So What?

  2. Returners magic should be special

  3. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

  4. Rising Of The Shield Hero

  5. Second Coming Of Gluttony

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5. I’m a Spider So What?

I'm a Spider So What?
This is a really good isekai Manga and very few of the isekai where the protagonist is a girl. Here the girl was reincarnated as a spider inside a Dungeon. She was among the two thousand spiders born in her nest and in order to survive she had to kill his own siblings and survive till the end and she got a power to absorb the skill of anyone who she consumes and because of which she was acquiring such power from all kinds of creatures in the dungeon so that she becomes more and more powerful and level up into an Arcane Spider. Story development of this Manga is very amazing and not repetitive but it also has Excellent twist in the story which will make you love this isekai Manga

4. Returners magic should be special

Returners magic should be special
In the returner’s magic should be special the shadow world has consumed the world and only Six survivors remain alive and Desir Armaan is one of those survivors who are trying to clear the shadow world and for that, they have to destroy the last Boss of the shadow world Bromier Napolitian and when after defeating Napoleon thought now the world is saved, but at that time his heart exploded of the Mana trapped inside of his heart. And when he thought he die and everything is lost now but when he opened his eyes he found himself young again and at the time when he was taking the exam for Havrion Academy 10 years ago. Now we are gonna see how he will save the world from Shadow world before it’s out of their hand and save as many lives as possible and change the course of history.

3. (Tensei Sittara Slime Datta Ken ) That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

(Tensei Sittara Slime Datta Ken ) That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime
This Isekai Manga has been adapted in an anime which has acquired a great fan following .the story is similar like any other isekai Manga, a hero is a man from earth and he dies after being hit by a truck and when he dies he gets reincarnated in another world but the thing that is different here is that rather than being reincarnated as a human or other powerful being he got reincarnated as a Slime, who is considered the weakest monster in most of the mangas. But he got the gift from the Gods to have a special skill “great sage” and also the skill of Slime “absorb ” and which give him the ability to acquire the skills of other creatures or other things whichever he absorbs.

He gets their power or property in the cave where he is born he absorbs a lot of grass growing there which made him gets it healing property and when he made friend with dragon Veldora, who was considered the strongest demon Lord and absorbed him until he could find a way to release him, which resulted in him becoming the strongest Slime ever.
And with that power, he made his own kingdom and also became the strongest demon lord.

2. Rising Of The Shield Hero

Rising Of The Shield Hero
This Manga is about being betrayed, jealousy and responsibility of keeping others over our own selfish needs .in the Manga our hero is among the four heroes who was summoned to the world to help save them from raids. The heroes are named according to the weapon they acquired when they came to this world – sword, bow, wand, and shield .our Hero was the hero of the shield who was regarded as the weakest among the other heroes and also was blamed of raping his teammates which he never did and was blamed because of jealousy of other heroes toward him.

So he made his mind into taking revenge against them but with time things change people starts to like him and because of the power of the shield he became the strongest among the heroes because he understood his weakness and because of which he became the most respected in the kingdom so guys go and read this Manga to know about all the things happening in this isekai Manga.

1. Second Coming Of Gluttony

 Second Coming Of Gluttony

It is a Korean webtoon. This Manga is about soldiers who lost his life in the war which happened for The Lost Paradise and because of his feats which he did in the war the gluttony goddess, Gula gave him a wish and he wished for his feeling to be sent to his past self. In the past, he was a drunkard, a Gambler and weak-willed in the near-death door, but the feeling he got made him turn change by a lot. Now he got another chance to take part in the war for The Lost Paradise again.

As the name of the Manga has gluttony in it we are gonna see in manga what I think is his hunger for power and Victory and gonna find out when this hunger is going to end. He had been a gold ranker from the start which may put him towards the seat of the Gods