Top Strongest Anime Chracters Who Can Destroy The Earth

As There Are so many Anime characters from dragon ball z to one punch man who is made with the mindset of creating a hero who is able to destroy the whole universe in the blink of an eye so it’s not a great thing to say there are about a thousand anime characters who can destroy the earth very easily. So in today’s post, we gonna see all of those anime characters who are our favorite and at the same time could also become the reason for our annihilation.

We today are gonna list down the top 10 anime characters today and not gonna repeat any character from a single series So you may like Goku but if he is not the strongest of that universe he is not gonna be on the list. And if there is some character missing which should be on the list tell me down below on the comment.

10. Soul King ( bleach )


soul King from bleach anime

The soul king is a being who acts as a medium between the earth, the soul society, and Hueco Mundo. The Soul King’s sole purpose is to regulate the flow of souls into and out of Soul Society and keep the flow stable. Without the Soul King, the balance is lost and Soul Society, as well as the Dangai, Hueco Mundo, and the Human World will all collapse into one.

He is a god whose actual power are said to be sealed and even then his power are so vast and his power is unimaginable but since his power were never used in the fight I had given him the 10th place on our list if he fought himself he could easily destroy the earth.


9.Sung Jin Woo ( solo Leveling )


sung jin woo from solo leveling

Yeah I will Agree that sung jin woo is not a character from an anime series But even then I had to put him in this series Because I absolutely love him and secondly he is a character who can destroy the earth very easily and not only the earth he is a being who could be regarded as the strongest and can be comparable to the creator of the universe or the God. I may be spoiling some of you so if you don’t want to be spoiled scroll down cause Sung-jin woo had gotten the power of the Ashborn, the shadow monarch who is a transcendental being or an angel of the god who was a being, who controlled Life and death.
And Was the commander of the army of god and He was extremely powerful, being the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light and equalling the power of the Monarch of Destruction.




8. Meliodas ( seven deadly sins )

meliodas from seven deadly sin


 Now we come to talk about the new demon lord, Meliodas who was the destroyer of the demon lord and his army and became a god himself he has his father’s power which could only be rivaled by the Supreme Deity the mother of angels. I have put Meliodas here and not the demon king because he was defeated by him and got all his power we know that he will never go against the earth and destroy it but he has the ability and the capability to destroy the earth.
Well, there is one more character in seven deadly sin who is even more powerful than Meliodas and the supreme deity and that is chaos which resided in the Body Of the Arthur that power is the creator of supreme deity and demon king which can change the reality in the blink of an eye.



7. Meruem ( Hunter x Hunter )

meruem from hunter x hunter anime


 Meruem From Hunter X Hunter was the son of the ant queen who was born after absorbing the power of many human and nen users whose powers accumulated inside the body of ant queen and from all that power Meruem Was born.
His power was incomparable to any human beings and was even regarded as a being from the new world which has come here and even the strongest human Netero was not defeated and only because of the hidden bomb in Netero’s body resulted in his defeat but even then was saved and at last, died of poison but he was a being who could have destroyed the earth even at that point if he had not fallen in love and thought to spend his last minutes of life with her.



6. Zeref ( fairy tail )

NOw the black wizard Zeref has got a spot in this list and that is because of his understanding of the black magic and if you say that Achnologia was powerful then Zeref so I will say that Zeref is more dangerous to the earth than Achnologia because of the curse of the contradiction which was a transcendental speel which was cast on him by the god of their universe which could even kill Achnologia if Zeref came to care for him.

zeref from fairy tail anime

I really love Zeref as a character and feel really sad for him but I have to say his this curse really made him strong because it also gave him immortality which resulted in him acquiring a huge amount of knowledge.

5. Whitebeard ( one piece )


Whitebeard was among the emperor of the sea and one of the most feared pirate and was also regarded as an only actual rival to Gol  D Roger among the pirates. But I have given him this place on the list not because of his those feats but because of his devil fruit Which was the Gura Gura No Mi or the quake -quake fruit gave him the ability to cause earthquakes and tsunamis and also could cause volcanic eruptions which could destroy the whole earth. According to Sengoku, Whitebeard had the power to destroy the world.

You punks really think that’s all it takes to defeat me. Just a few toy swords and guns. I can tear you all apart singlehandedly, But you know that don’t you. Because you quake when you hear the name WHITEBEARD!
~ Whitebeard

4. Saitama & Boros ( one punch man )


saitama from one pucnh man anime

boros from one punch man anime Saitama the caped baldy or who is famously known by the name of the one punch man is the one person who you should never make angry. Saitama was made as a parodical character but has acquired a great place in our hearts .his Single punch is enough to destroy any monster or Villians. Here many of you may think that Saitama cant destroy a planet to them I would like to say that If you have watched the season 1 you would know that Saitama defeated Boros and it was said that Boros was called as the planets destroyer and that he was single-handedly able to destroy a planet with his Ki powers and If Saitama killed him then So could Saitama do the same.


3. Koro – Sensei ( assasination classroom )

koro sensei from assasination classroom anime


Koro-sensei was an assassin who was made into a monster through human experimentations and which resulted in him getting immense power , Mach 5 speed and an octopus body which he can control on his own free will but it also resulted in him his life decreasing and a dangerous side effect that on his death his body will blast and with that to destroy the whole earth as had happened to the moon with the died rat of the same experiment was sent to the moon.

So Koro Sensei is a moving Hydrogen time bomb that will trip on his death and destroy the earth and for that, he wanted to die by the hands of the students he taught and were loved by his lover so that that explosion never happen.



2. Otsutsuki ( naruto Shippuden )

kaguya otsutsuki from naruto shippuden 

In Naruto Shippuden, There are many characters who could destroy the earth from naruto, Sasuke, Orochimaru, Madara, and many more strong person but here I had chosen Otsutsuki as the one because they are aliens from the sky whose food is the life force of other planets. So there is no one better than the planets destroyer to be on this list.
And here I had not said any particular otsutsuki because all the otsutsuki or all the aliens are as dangerous to the earth as was the mother of ninjas Kaguya Otsutsuki.






1. Zeno Sama  ( dragon ball z )


zeno from dragon ball z


Zeno Sama the omnipresent, omnipotent Omni God who is the king of all 12 gods of destruction he may look like to 3-year-old children and also with the mindset of a child but he is a person who can destroy the whole multiverse on with his thinking of so. Therefore destroying the earth is no big deal for him.

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