Top Strongest Female MCU Marvel Characters | Who is the strongest female Avenger ?

In marvel cinematic universe there are many powerful women’s in the avengers who are able to stand foot with any other hero or against any enemy, may it be captain marvel or scarlet witch who were able to compete with infinity stone Thanos.

Today we will rank down those female mcu characters who are strong enough to defeat Thanos or any such opponents.

  • Scarlet witch (Wanda Maximoff)
  • Captain Marvel ( Carol Denvers)
  • She hulk (Jennifer Walters)
  • Lady Thor ( Jane Foster)
  • Spectrum (Monica Rambeau)
  • Valkyrie. (Brunnhilde)

Scarlet witch

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Scarlet witch or Wanda Maximoff is the strongest female Avenger. She has the power to control Chaos magic which is actually raw power created from the dark dimensions with it she can control the reality.

In Wandavision we have actually seen her powers. She had created a completely new reality using her Chaos magic. She had fought with many stronger opponents than Doctor Strange and we are going to see what more she can do in Doctor Strange multiverse of Madness.

She has gotten her powers from experimented on with infinity stones but has gonna over power them to even destroy the mind stone.

Captain marvel

captain marvel mcu strongest female character

Captain Marvel was created to become a symbol of Marvel cinematic Universe she was to be the strongest character out there and she had played this part very well. She was being experimented with the kree technology and having a kree body which gave her ability to absorb and control energy and power.

She is a nuclear bomb in herself and was able to push Thanos into a corner in avengers war.

Her power make her fly, stay in vacumm and manipulate energy.


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We still haven’t seen She-Hulk in the Marvel cinematic Universe but it has already been announced that we are going to see a She-Hulk movie really soon in 2023 so I thought why not include her in this list because we already know her abilities from the comics.

Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, is one of the strongest ladies around.  Unlike the disadvantage of Hulk of losing his consciousness in his form Jennifer has much more control of her Hulk abilities which make her a better hero while less harming the civilian.

And unlike Hulk she don’t only think about Smash Smash Smash but use her ability with a proper planning.

Lady Thor

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Jane Foster the love of Thor is soon going to become the lady Thor in the Thor love and thunder and we will soon see her fight alongside Thor to fight with gorr the god butcher.

And since we knew in mcu the person who possesses the mjornir will possess the power of Thor and since now Thor has the storm breaker Jane will be the one who uses mjornir and become lady Thor.

Lady Thor possess all the power of Thor from using thunder, his immense strength, use it to fly and along with that all she will be more skill in using the hammer as we know from the comics.


monica rambeau or photon spectrum mcu marvel female character

Monica Rambeau had acquired her power in the mcu from Wanda magic which altered with the reality and when she had gone through her dome acquired the power to control the power spectrum or the power over x-Ray, gamma rays.

She can transform into any form of energy, for which she has found countless uses. She’s gained the ability to fly, turn invisible, and has even become immortal thanks to her powers.

She can send her energy to others who could absorb them and in the comic she had given her energy to vision to sVe his life.


brunhilde valkyrie marvel mcu strong female character

We meet the leader of Valkyrie a elite group of female warriors of Odin army in Thor ragnarok where we came to know about the demise of the Valkyrie by hands of Hela and how only the leader of Valkyrie Brunnhilde survived.

We get to see her fight in the same movie against Hela again but that was not actually where see shine.

In the comics we see that like all the Valkyries, Brunnhilde possesses all the attributes known to Asgardians. Extended life, extra strength, and durability, etc. She also has an enhanced healing factor. What makes her stand out among the Asgardians is her ability to perceive those who are in danger of dying – just like all Valkyries.