anime where mc gets married

by vivek jain from

nanami and Tomoe the love between a god and his guardian spirit which was written already in fate and had started to happen from 1000 years ago for more read this manga.

Nanami And Tomoe

Naruto And Hinata

The lopver from their school days Hinata aalways was in love to naruto but i came into their marriage only after the war of Naruto and sasuke and the return of peace to konoha.

inuyasha and kagone

The love from the previous life which was not able to be completed had to be reborn to meet his lover and get rid of the wrong hatred caused because of some misunderstanding.

ichigo and orihime

A friendship which was formed from danger and love to becoming a saviour to one another and then the llife partner of each other its confusing right then this is the relationship of ichigo and orihime.

ed and winry

vegeta and bulma


the villian finds his love partner.Vegeta being the bad guys when falls in love with a beauty like Bulma he also has a change of heart from making him a berserker to an herotext

ryuji and taiga


chise and elias

rokuro and benio adashino

ryo and kaori