Best Reincarnation Manga Manhwa

Rising of the shield hero is about the story of who was just a normal teenage boy who by magic got reincarnated in a magical world as the hero of the shield. But he didn't know how people hated the shield hero resulting in him being stabbed in the back.


rising of  the shield hero

So im a spider so what

Here we get our see our heroine who got reincarnated as a spider but keeping her intelligence from past life how she evolves from one of the easiest prey of the monster kingdom to becoming a spider queen who made even demon Lord amazed.


Dungeon eater as the name suggests the hero starts as an eater in a completely new world but what kind of eater you may ask. He is not a chef nor a food critique and what he actually eat is dirt and stone after that they poop bricks from their as*.

The story is like king grey was a martial artist who had all thing power, name, fame and wealth who was on the top but one thing that he didn't have was a reason to live and friends or family to spend his time.

The Beginning Aftter The End

RE Zero

One of the classics of the reincarnation genre where we meet Subaru Natsuki who worked in a fast food joint and when he was leaving he founds himself in a fantasy world. He has one of the strongest power in existence the power of time.

Skeleton soldier couldn't protect the dungeon has a very similar plot to re-zero like our hero gets reincarnated each time back in time whenever he dies and if the things changes in time, his place of resurrection changes.

Skeleton Soldier Couldnt Protect The Dungeon


Jaryuu Tensei

The story is about a guy who died due to a car crash because of a young couple making out (what bad luck!) And he was reincarnated into a fantasy world—but as a dragon! An extremely funny and powerful one! Let's see how our unlucky main character lives as a badass dragon!?

Returners magic Should Be Special

Desir Arman was among the last human survivors who were fighting against the shadow labyrinth to save the world from evil dragon. And when they thought they defeated him his heart explodes and Desir founds himself back in time before the shadow labyrinth destroyed the world.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As  a Slime

That time I got reincarnated as a slime has the basic plot of a corporate man who does in a road accident the God had pity on him and gave him the great sage skill and gave him another life.