Strongest Villians In fairy Tail ranked

Strongest Villians In fairy Tail ranked

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Lined Circle

Fairy tail was full of action ,adventure ,fun and a little maybe a little too much of fan service but it didn't had a small rooster of villians    and today we will rank them  from 100 in the 10 strongest villian of fairy tail

The Edolas  version of Erza even without  magic uising her magic spear she has the title of fairy hunter and was able to keep his feet against erza from earth without magic.

Erza Knightwalker



One of the spriggan 12 brandish has the power to turn anythings size from a  ant to  becoma a behemot or a mountain into grain of sand she is real;ly powerfulful.

The power to control time for a very long time ultear was among the most powerful wizrd against the fairy tail guild but in the future she did change.


The 3rd strongest among the spriggan 12 Larcade was a etherious created by zeref to destroy him but was a failure. He was able to take contro; of person senses and was very dangerous.

Larcade Dragneel


The second guild master of the fairy tail and later the founder of a dark guild grimoire heart Hades was a master of the knowledge of all kinds of magic because of his research  on mavis dead body was able to create a siniter version of Fairy heart and was  devil in terms of power.

Mard Geer

The strongest Etherious among all the tartaros creations was given the place of head of them in place of END and was very power in his demon form.

Irene the strongest Entantment magician and was the mother of Erza and creator of dragon slaying magic her body may seem like a human but in actual she h as a body of dragon just like achnologia.

Irene Belserion

He was in his early life called as doctor as he took care of Dragons but due to them murdering his family, destroying his city, and "claiming" the life of a child, he took it upon himself using the name of the Dragon whom he despised to slay every Dragon in existence,




Zeref is the black wizrd and wherever he goes comes death and destruction the main antagonist of the whole series there is no question why he is on the first place on this list.

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