The first one on our list is the 3 Hokage and the teacher of the 3 legendary sannin Sarutobi Hiruzen .He was someone whom the 2nd hokage has deemed to be the most worthy candidate after him Sarutobi was called a genius as he had created many jutsus and was a devil in his young life


sarutobi hiruzen


Yoshimura is one of the strongest ghoul in tokyo ghoul as it already known that ghoul being always in constant life and death situations dont live till long Yoshimura age is a resemblance of his power among the ghouls.


The grandfather of Killua the friend of gon from Hunter X Hunter and also the head of the family of Assassins which was feared all round the world . He is a master of nen and also of stealth and agility as required by an asssasin .


Muten roshi was the person who invented Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha the favourite move of goku . Yeah I will say that even in the manga he was really a pervert but at the same time was one of the strongest human at that time when aliens and other worldly charaters and the concept of Saiyans was not introduced.



The captain of the whitebeard Edward Newgate was a devil in the world of one piece. His height was equal to 2 floor building and the most powerful ability that he had came from his devil fruit the earthquake earthquake fruit which allowed him to cause quake anytime anywhere and those quake in middle of sea can cause many tsunamis ,vocanic eruption

The guild master of fairy tail and a father like figure to the whole guild members of fairy tail Makarov is a character who is jolly and fun loving character who is always annoyed by his members




The Head captain of the Gotei 13 Genryusai Yamamoto is the strongest soul reaper of the soul soceity whose powers could never be matched by any other shinigami and a person who has ruled over soul soceity for thousands of years


Isaac Netero the strongest hunter shown to us in the series of hunter x hunter and one could make me change my mind towards his as being one of the strongest old men in the anime community .


Bang also known by the name of Silver fang is a character from one punch man is the rank 3 S- Rank Hunter after Bang and Tatsumaki .He is a martial artist who master the style rock smashing water stream fist

Terrain Map


Hagoromo or also known as the sage of the six paths is an extremely influential characters in the world of Naruto as being the person who spread Chakra througj out the world through ninshu ,He sealed Kaguya his mother with his brother if they didnt the world would have stayed under the infinite tsukoyomi.