top strongest female marvel characters

top strongest female marvel characters

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In marvel cinematic universe there are many powerful women's in the avengers who are able to stand foot with any other hero or against any enemy, may it be captain marvel or scarlet witch who were able to compete with infinity stone Thanos.

Scarlet witch or Wanda Maximoff is the strongest female Avenger. She has the power to control Chaos magic which is actually raw power created from the dark dimensions with it she can control the reality.

Scarlet Witch

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel was created to become a symbol of Marvel cinematic Universe she was to be the strongest character out there and she had played this part very well. She was being experimented with the kree technology and having a kree body which gave her ability to absorb and control energy and power.


Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, is one of the strongest ladies around.  Unlike the disadvantage of Hulk of losing his consciousness in his form Jennifer has much more control of her Hulk abilities which make her a better hero while less harming the civilian.

Lady Thor possess all the power of Thor from using thunder, his immense strength, use it to fly and along with that all she will be more skill in using the hammer as we know from the comics.

lady  thor

Monica Rambeau had acquired her power in the mcu from Wanda magic which altered with the reality and when she had gone through her dome acquired the power to control the power spectrum or the power over x-Ray, gamma rays.


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