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What Is Anime | Why You Should Watch Anime ? All About Japanese Animation

                                   What Is Anime ?

There is always this discussion happening between the fans of anime and those new western people who has been watching anime for a long time but think of that as cartoon, That what is anime ? So today guys we gonna discuss it in detail .

luffy one piece anime

Anime or as its called in japanese  アニメ [aɲime] is just simply any kinds of animation from animated videos made on youtube to animated superman to the better known anime as Naruto .
People of Japan call all of those form of animation as anime but its among the western audience who regards the animation made in japan or animation with certain features which resembles the styles of animation of Japan as Anime .Outside Japan, the term refers specifically to animation from Japan or to a Japanese animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastical themes.
one piece the longest running anime series

But Why so ? This was not something some years ago but when Japanese animation started to become popular throughout the world from TV or internet the western audience came to see it as something ” different ” as it was made differently then the cartoon made there .
It has some kind of motives behind them ,it had a story ,characters development was huge and it was not made only keeping children in the mind it was something which was made keeping wider audience in the mind from Children ,teen and adults.

What Makes anime different than Cartoon ?

genos one punch man anime

So the difference between both of them is actually mostly is in the audience for whem they are made mean cartoon or western animation are made keeping in mind the age group of 4-14 years ,not all cartoon are like those age group but mostly and on the other hand anime is made for much wider audience from children, teens and adults .There is also a difference in the way of animation as in anime it is mostly seen that rather then just making the seen move it is tried to make them as realistic as possible.

There is a story around which anime are made rather than no story as in tom and jerry cartoon where each episode is all on its own its not telling story of what gonna be happening in next episode .
There is always a emotional feeling or some kinds of deep meaning hidden which may not be understood by kids and from anime a lot can be known about the culture and history of Japan which we can never get to know from cartoon not the history or culture in which they are Made.

And guys did you new that about 80% of animation made in the whole world is actually anime so anime also has huge range of stories from cute to devil from vampires to dwarfs from chibi to the god . In anime there are genre which has sub-genre and these sub-genre also has sub-genre inside of them which kind of diversity could never be found for Cartoons.

Why You Should Watch Anime ?

SO im gonna list down all the reason for which you should start watching anime rightnow.
  1. Anime is suitable for all age groups from children to teens and adults
  2. Anime always has a story behind them
  3. Anime has amazing intro and outro songs if you have ever listen to the intro or outro song of any anime you would definitely know how good music you could find from anime even better than anywhere else.
  4. Anime Has amazing animation fight scenes and great realistic view
  5. Anime is relatable to everyone having so many anime and of so many types they have something for everyone to relate.
  6. Anime characters actually dies  and fails it makes us feel like they not just an character from fiction but an actual living being.
  7. Each anime character has unique background stories.
  8. There is unlimited possibilities
  9. Anime can help you to learn Japanese
one punch man anime

Which Anime Are Made For KIds

Well as I had already said above that unlike cartoon anime are made for all age group but it doesnt make all anime to be watchable by kids.The reason maybe because of the story which may have a deep meaning behind it which may not be understood by children or it may contain some seen which should not be seen by a child from blood to some kind of nudity .
That is because Japanese culture attitude towards sexuality and violence is much different than western culture so what may be normal to a Japanese may seem vulgar to an american .
Thats why if you are watching anime you should firstly get to know what age group its made for.If you watching online they will have these rating on them (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)

Some good anime which are good for children are shinchan ,naruto ,dragon ball z,inuyasha,noragami,kamishama kiss,etc.

Which Anime Is Better – Subbed Or Dubbed

In The Anime community just klike which is the best anime there is always this question also which  will make you wanna know what are these things if you are someone who is new to anime and which of them is better.

So guys Subbed means an anime with english subtitles and dubbed means an anime which has been dubbed in any other language .But why so because not every person in the world know japanese but they still wanna watch anime thats why sub and dubs are needed but which of them is better.

So in this I will say that subbed anime is always better than the dubbed version as when an anime is dubbed the musics and sound effects also have to be changed accordingly which actually decreases the amount of excitiment and the feel that seen  should have given but that feel got taken out becuse of it being dubbed. 
And subbed are also good for people of those country where english is not the primary language as its a good way to improve the english vocabulary.

But Dubbed are also good so children who are not able to read subtilte and seeing the anime at the same time and also for those who are just getting into there first anime series and then with time they could come back to anime subbed.

Where Can You Watch Anime | Paid And Free

There are many ways you could watch anime .If your country has a channel relating to anime like animax you could watch it in television but if not there are many streaming sites like 

  • 1. Crunchyroll
  • 2. Kissanime.ru
  • 3. Funimation
  • 4. 9anime
  • 5. AnimeDao
  • 6. Chia-Anime
  • 7. Animelab
  • 8. Anime planet
  • 9. VIZ
  • 10. AnimeHeaven

You could also wtch anime on youtube for free and completely legally and also promote anime at same time just by watching through anime youtube channel like muse asia and ani-one.


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