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What is Isekai ?

What do you know about the word isekai .

Isekai is a genre inside fantasy where the main character or the protagonist is reborn in an another world where he may have gotten stronger, got magical powers or may have been turned into other species.

In the modern times it’s becoming popular as people loves to assume being in an another universe and being with the basic story that an unsuccesful person got reincarnated connect with many teenagers.

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Isekai Introduction :

Isekai the meaning of this word is – other world incarnation and with time the manga based on the isekai genre has been getting a lot of attention and love from anime community.

Isekai manga has the protagonist transfered from other world or they have being reincarnated or reborn in an another world after their deaths in the world of magic or swords or robots .

The character being reborn as a wizard in the human clan with high skill in magic or being reborn a slime or as a orc and conquering the countries forming their own kingdom .

The world of isekai is immense with many possibilities .

The genre has many great manga ranging from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime ‘ Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken’ the story about a man who get reincarnated as a slime with immense talent towards magic power being as powerful as the dragon which is considared to be a danger level catastrophic the most dangeros level to the story about JARYUU TENSEI the story about a man reborn as a dragon and not any simple dragon but the strongest dragon in the world.

In the isekai genre we can find many sub genre from isekai with op mc, isekai where mc reincarnated as other than human, mc reincarnated as a magician, samurai, ninja etc.

So in there you will definitely find something for you to read.

The isekai manga has always been a centre of attraction for me I like them a lot and their is no end of them in the manga library and some of the manga of the isekai genre that i have read till now and loved are down below.

Isekai With Mc Becoming Other than Human

Now in the isekai genre there are many popular manga following this setting where the mc is reborn but not as a human being but as a inanimate object, an animal or even other species.

The most famous of it has been that time I got reincarnated as a slime but there are many more available with this setting you can check the 3 down below.

  • That time I got reincarnated as a slime

  • I’m a spider so what

  • Overlord

Isekai where mc turns into a magician

Now in many settings of isekai becoming an magician has also very common or sometimes it’s like the mc get reborn in the world of magic.

And if he is a magician he could be the strongest or can be the weakest there are isekai manga with both setting.

Gonna list 3 which I loved in this down below.

  • Returners magic should be special
  • The rising of the shield hero
  • Knights and magic
  • Isekai where mc turns into swordsman

    With magic as a basis these are now the manga where the isekai has been used as a basis to turn the main character as a swordan or better a magic swordsman.

    • Survival story of a swordsman in another world
    • Mushoku tensei : jobless reincarnation
    • The beginning after the end

    Isekai where mc is reincarnated as overpowered MC

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