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What makes one punch man man so popular

One punch man is all about Breaking Down all the given Shonen characteristic that we see in all the shonen Manga manhwa it has acquired a lot of fan following for animation story and its style the mean of one even if his earth was not so sharp but even his style made him so unique and attractive an enemy has made it known worldwide today we all gonna list down all the reason which are thecause of one punch man popularity.

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The first thing that makes one punch man so popular around the world is all thanks to its animation by the industries well-known madhouse anime Studio the earth by one and Murata made it popular in Japan but it was the animation which made it popular worldwide to The Western audience the amount of work given to each piece of animation was a Masterpiece this so much sharpness and accuracy.
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As in Any known superhero anime, there are impressive fight scenes so is there in one punch man but they fight scenes don’t seem repetitive or boring in any manner unlike other well known and me and me and guess who I am talking about Dragon Ball Z here every within a very diverse fighting style as I was in the origin story.
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Speed of sound Sonic cutting open the head of his opponents or opponents or Saitama going through Mole man with is ease or Genos firing his Cannon. But the boss fights are the one which is most exciting of them all, they’re in season 1 The Final Fight With Boros to place for a full 3 episode yet not boring nor uninspiring in any regard.


The main point on which the story of one punch man is written is full of paramedical satire by this for I mean is that what do you think about when you hear superhero think about a person who can defeat any villain who helped the weekend who is is is who is is mind is full of thinking that with power comes great responsibility
This mindset is broken in one punch man.

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Here we get what is after when you achieve your dreams and the series all question the hero act to stay on the top of the ranking system rather than to actually help people here Saitama is Pinnacle of power but unlike Spider-Man don’t think power as his responsibility but he helped people of his will he doesn’t care about his name being known around the world nor for fame, money or power.
He is just a hero for fun.
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The story of how some people get turned into a hero of villains is also completely absurd just from hearing them but the people there in the Universe of one punch man take those stories seriously regardless which makes one punch man hilarious.
In the first chapter of one punch man there was a crab Monster who got turn into one punch man there was a crab Monster who got turn into one there was a crab Monster who got turn into one crab after he ate too many crabs or the story of the mosquito Queen who turned into the mosquito into a mosquito herself in order to crack the mosquitoes even the stories of heroes are hilarious Saitama got the image power through hundred pushups, hundred sit-ups and ten km running every day which in its own way makes the viewers laugh with their hearts.


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One of the key features or the APPEAL OF SAITAMA unlike other anime heroes who shows an unwavering commitment to their destiny or goal, Saitama is just as confused with his life and the future as the rest of us. In the very first episode, Saitama says “I’m unemployed right now,I’m looking for a job.
Throughout the series, Saitama questions his values, society, The heroes’ hierarchy system. He compares himself with his peers and struggles with the responsibility of adulthood just like so many young men and women who have fallen in love with the show.


The Humor of one punch man is also on a completely another level than any other manga. The story is based on making fun of other superheroes manga where heroes talking about stories take 2-3 episode but here that is represented in a really laughing manner, villains try to tell their long origin stories to Saitama and before they even finish their monologue Saitama destroys them with his one-punch because he gets bored or because there is a sale in the town and he has to hurry.

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The same happen when genos explains his story and saitama stops him and tell to tell all that in 20 or fewer words cause he wanted to go home and eat potato chips and watch T.V.

The names of heroes and villains are also a source of humor in the series like pig god, bang ,bull-bull, hammerhead, tongue stretcher, homeless emperor, etc