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Who is Kang The Conqueror Origin Powers Abilities and Different Variants

In the MCU the biggest name that we are hearing right now is the name of Kang the Conqueror his entry from the Loki series as One who remains has made the fans excited who knew about him from the comics.

But who is this Kong and why is there a film based on phase 6 of MCU with his name Avengers Kang Dynasty and how he is much more dangerous than Thanos.

All of this we are going to talk about and discuss in today’s post from his abilities, his origin in marvel, and how he will affect MCU and all of his different variants the ones we have seen in MCU and some from the comics.

Kang The Conqueror Origin

Who is kang the conqueror powers and origin

Kang or Nathaniel Richards was a member of the avengers from the 30th century which is much more advanced in technology and science from the of Earth – 6311.

But in that time there was a going happening because of which Kang used his time machine to go back in time and land on Egypt many centuries before the present.

Council of Kang

And at that time people who were the early civilization of Egypt thought of him as a god and starts to worship him.

His time machine ship also looked like a human with a cat body carved on the stone which became today’s Sphinx.

There he since wanted to rule he changes his to Rama-tut and starts ruling them.

There he doesn’t face many problems but from time to time so people came to the past for one thing or another so he got to fight Avengers, Dr doom, and the fantastic four in Egypt but being more advanced he wins every time.

But after some time he gets bored and decides to travel again in the future and reach the 20th century to defeat the avengers and rule at that time.

But because of an error in his ship rather than get the 20th century his time ship stops in the 40th century which is even more advanced than his time and there is an even bigger war happening.

But by that time the knowledge of the weapons was nearly destroyed so no person knew how to properly use them and seeing that Nathaniel finally decides to conquer that world now and he succeeds.

From this time he took the name of Kang the conqueror, he conquered earth many planets, and even universes.

But after taking the whole universe under his control he got bored again and now decides to go back in time to the 20th century to defeat the avengers and conquer that timeline too.

There he defeats the avengers and nearly rules that world but by luck, Captain America was able to defeat his young avengers and he now goes back to his time.

But the story doesn’t end here up until now evet time he traveled in time had created a new timeline and like we get to know from Loki Season 1 about the main timeline and its branches.

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An anther variant of Nathaniel also decides to back in time but he goes to the 20th century and here he establishes a city by the name of Timely and becomes the mayor there by name of Victor Timely and in that city also builds a castle named ChronoPolis but that palace exists outside of time means it’s out of all timelines.

Now he travels in the 40th century where he falls in love with Ramona Renslayer and to impress her he brings Avengers from the past to fight them and defeat them.

One more Kang we see in the form of Iron Lad. Nataniel Richards was contacted by Kang of the 40th century who told him about the tyrannical future of what he becomes and he gave him a very highly advanced iron man suit using which he goes back in time and joins the young avengers and trains them to stop the future Kang from achieving his motives.

But after they defeat the future Kang’s history starts to change and to stop it from altering too much he finally decides to accept his fate and go back again in the future.

Councils Of Kangs

Because of all this time traveling many infinite numbers of timelines were created and infinite numbers of Kangs were born together they made a group of Kang and name it the council of Kang.

There were many Knag from many different timelines but since conquering over others is the nature of Kang among all these a Kang who called himself the prime Kang along with 2 other variants kills all other variants and at last tries to kill the remaining two but is stopped by another of his variant named Immortalis.

Immortalis is the Kang who inspired the He Who Remains of MCU.

He then takes him to the Limbo with him. There we get to know that Prime Kang killing all others Kang was a plan of Immortus for the prime Kang to become his strongest variant which was Immortus.

Which Kang Created Time Variance Authority

So in the MCU, the variant who created the time-variant authority has named himself He Who remains and from the comics, he is similar to Immortus Prime Kang who after becoming the conqueror of Earth in the 40th century was bored and was feeling aligned towards peace and was contacted by the timekeepers.

Who asked him to regulate the time and stop Kang from creating his various variant and confusing the timeline.

And that is very similar to the story so we can say that Immortus or He Who Remains created the time Variant AUTHORITY.

Is Kang The Conqueror a villain or hero

Kang is from the future and had the ability to time travel because of which he had created multiple variants of himself. We can’t say that he is a hero, anti-hero, or villain directly because each of these variants is different some are good like iron lad some are anti-hero like immortaus and some variants are pure evil like Kang the conqueror.

Is Kang in the MCU?

Yes, Kang is going to be the main villain of MCU in phase 6 hence he is getting an avengers film the Kang Dynasty, and to create this character and his depth he will appear in multiple MCU movies and series from ant man quantumani, Loki season 1 and 2 and many more.

Is Kang related to Dr doom or Reed Richards?

Well, we are not told this directly by marvel but in many stories, he is depicted as a descendant of Dr. Doom and in some, he is the great great great great grandson of reed richards. But nearly in all these versions, his name is still Nataniel Richards.

Is Kang more powerful than Thanos?

The simple answer is no but this is in regards to the physical prowess of Thanos who is a titan and Kang being a normal human does not have any superpowers.
But being from the future and being a genius has many powerful weapons which he uses against this opponent and if things go wrong he could just go back in time and change the past to affect the future.
And even though he has many powerful weapons that can easily hit Thanos and could badly hurt him and infinity stone could not affect him.

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