Strongest Royal guard Hunter X Hunter Characters

Who is The Strongest Royal Guard Of Meruem From Hunter X Hunter

Royal guards are the last 3 chimera ants born from the chimera amt queen just before the birth of Meruem.

They Re being who had been born with nen activated in them and because of the physique of ant queen had acquired different skills from the beings whom the ant queen consumed before giving birth to them.

There are total of three Royal guard Neferpitou, Shiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi. Born in the order respectively.

The only purpose of there life is to fulfill every wish of the King and to protect him and for this purpose the are the strongest chimera ants soldiers.

But since all three royal guard has different abilities and skills it’s difficult to rank the strongest but today we will look in detail and rank them.

Strongest Royal guard Hunter X Hunter Characters

Strongest Royal Guards HxH Ranked

  • Neferpitou
  • Menthuthuyoupi
  • Shaiapouf

1. Neferpitou Strongest Royal Guard

Neferpitou was the first Royal guard born of the ant queen. She is the humanoid cat with the instinct and fast reflexes of a cat.

She has the strongest nen and special En among the Royal guards.

She is a specialist she can heal nearly all kinds of physical injury and also can control millions of human with her nen ability.

She is the strongest because she is the only one who is matured enough to make the right decisions on adverse time.

She was completely loyal to king until the end and was willing to follow every order of his.

2. Menthuthuyoupi No One can Match him in Strength

After Pitou Menthuthuyoupi is the second strongest Royal guard chimera ant and physically the strongest.

Menthuthuyoupi when we get to knew his powers they were mostly based on his emotions mainly anger.

Which made him easy to control but when he evolved during his fight with Knovv. He learned to control his emotions and that made him able to counter many difficult situations.

He now is able to use his brain before fighting directly but still he will question the command of the king before following it.

3. Shaipouf The Strategist Of the Royal Guard

The most strategic Royal guard of the three. Shaiapouf nen ability is not suited for him to fight.

But can be used as a decoy or distraction. Among all the Royal guards he is the most unstable.

He will not do the orders given to him by the king blindly unless he is the king he want him to be.

Shaiapouf was not able to took on Killua in his mini clone forms and will be the first to be defeated if Netero was the one to fight the Royal guards.

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