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Who would Win If Superman Fights Anime Characters| Superman Vs Anime Characters| Animeman

The fight between Superman the man of steel and anime characters is always sought by fans who is more overpowered, who can beat other in the fight .

Superman vs anime Characters

Superman is the strongest hero of the DC comic franchise who has been famous for a very long time among people of all age groups and all times from kids of 90s to today gen Z.

And also in the recent years anime has also started to become famous among those same audience who has really overpowered characters from many different stories.

From goku from dragon ball Z to Saitama of one punch man and because of this there has always been a discussion who will win if Superman fights these anime chatacters.

And being Superman doesn’t mean you can’t be defeated and these anime characters are the one who can do this task giving him a tough competition.

Which are the anime characters who can defeat the invincible Superman.

Anime Characters who Can Defeat Superman ( The Man of Steel )

  1. Light Yagami
  2. Barragan Louisenbairn
  3. Truth
  4. Zeref
  5. Accelarator
  6. Alucard
  7. Rimuru Tempest
  8. Sung Jin Woo
  9. Saitama
  10. Goku

Light Yagami Vs. Supermam

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So the first character on our list starts with a character who can never defeat Superman in a fight of strength and physical abilities.

And the only way by which Yagami is going to kill Superman is through the death note but it’s not that simple other I would have written death note here not Yagami.

How death note works is that you should know the face and name of person you want dead and which is not easy unless you have the intellect like Yagami.

With his brain he can easily distinguish between the faces of Clark Kent and Superman and will result in his superman’s demise.

Barragan Louisenbairn Vs Superman

Now if I have to say a villian whose power got used very underrated was Barragan from bleach the no. 1 Espada with the power to Senescence which is the power to rot anything with time or the power to age things.

And guys we do know there is no character not even Superman who doesn’t age and if Superman tries to punch him even before he land his hand will turn into bones and then dust and dissipates into thin air.

As we had seen happening to Soi Fon one of the captain in soul society and a master assassin.

Superman is completely at a disadvantaged in a physical fight against Barragan and even magics, weapon, barriers basically anything that is affected by time.

Truth Vs. Superman


Truth from my hero academia is completely overpowered who is a omnipotent being from whom the creation of the universe has happened.

And then Superman has also been created from him and only have a fraction of his power. His power consist of Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping, Intangibility, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Space-Time Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Concept Manipulation, etc.

And with these abilities he don’t even have to fight Superman to beat him.

Zeref Vs. Superman

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Now if this fight ever happened it would be one of my favorites as Zeref is one of my favorite anime villian.

Zeref is not a bad character from heart he was cursed to kill anyone who he is affectionate with or in other words kill things as he loves life and leave them as alive the more he hates life.

And his curse comes with immortality the more he wishes for death he can’t die and if he value life he kills.

But this is not the only strength of him he is the most skilled wizard in the dark magic because of him continually studying for 400 years on dark magics and creating monsters to kill him.

And magic is one of the weakness of Superman and in this fight Zeref can’t die means it’s the death sentence for Superman if he ever meets Zeref.

Accelerator Vs. Superman

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Accelerator from certain magic index has vector manipulation which allows him to essentially reduce or retract any attack, force, or energy that he would consider harmful. Meaning Superman would be unable to harm him.

His ability to control vector is the barrier which will always turn the attacks of Superman back towards him, he can change the flow of blood in his body to cause heart attack or deprive him of oxygen in both ways he could defat the man of steel.

Alucard  Vs. Superman

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The Dracula or his modern name under the hellsing organisation Alucard is the king of all vampires and werewolves.

Just like any vampires he can’t die and he always allows his opponent to cut him, blow him down in bits of pieces, get squashed by attacks and when his opponent is tired and on his limits he just regenerates and kill him humiliatingly to make him feel complete defeat.

And this what is gonna happen in the fight between Alucard and Superman where superman will keeping attacking Alucard but at the end he will turn Superman into dried onion by drinking his blood.

And if he couldn’t Alucard is not a gentleman who fight with rules he will use his weakness Kryptonite to defeat him with complete humiliation.

Rimuru Tempest Vs. Superman

Rimuru tempest is our protagonist of an isekai genre with all the prerequsitle criteria fulfilled with character coming from another world, being overpowers and also who gets all the girls.

Rimuru is a slime who got reincarnated in an another world with dragons, orc, goblins and all kinds of character from all rpg stories.

In terms of power based on anime Rimuru in no way can ever defeat Superman, it would be a very difficult fight for Superman but at the end he will win.

But if we talk about the Rimuru Tempest from the light novel there is no way Superman could ever defeat him.

He has the power of chaos the power of creation and destruction, he can create the multiverse and destroy it therefore based on it I can easily say that he can defeat Superman.

Sung Jin woo Vs Superman

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Don’t say that sung jin woo from solo leveling is not a anime character that – I do know but friends crunchyroll has already announced the anime adaptation based on solo levelling that’s why he has to be on the list.

Spoiler Alert

Sung jin woo has the power of darkness and of light inside of him which he got from the shadow monarch Ashborne the king of the deads.

And because of him now being the new shadow monarch he now rules the dead and he is someone who can’t die because he himself is Death.

And Superman can’t defeat death atleast not the movie Superman and as the story progress he becomes close in power with the God of the universe who created monarch and fragments of light and is also in possession of his time machine.

Saitama Vs. Superman

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Saitama is a parody character based on the all stereotype of a superhero whose progenitor is Superman.

In all superhero we see some common features like super powers, capes, underwear over clothes, strong sense of justice and a feeling to go to all heights to defeat evil even on your own death.

But Saitama is based on a normal man who has broken his limits or who don’t have any limit to his strength and power.

Therefore he is always bored and he do his hero work for fun not justice.

And being a Parodical character Superman can never defeat Saitama as he has the power of the plot which no anime manga God can overcome.

Goku Vs. Superman

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This is the most talked about fight in the anime community among comic and anime fans.

Who is more powerful Goku or Superman ? So in this matter I will say that Goku will always defeat the Superman as shown in the movies as the current Goku of the anime has far surpassed universal level strength and has godly multi-universal level power now .

In there fights Goku is gonna win.

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