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Why Boruto Is Not As Famous As Naruto | Boruto Vs Naruto Anime

In the Anime community and among a huge section of the fans of naruto series Boruto has not been able to take the place as was given to Naruto Uzumaki and there is also alot of people who even say that it could never achieve the height which his predecessor has reached regarding the anime popularity and most of the audience is only there because of being the successor of naruto series.

Boruto Naruto next generation

And most of you will agree that the craze it has among anime community is because of Naruto and it would not have been same if it was not made in the line of Naruto. Then it would have to make a fanbase from scratch.
But what is the reason for this unpopularity among Anime community so, in today’s post, I’m gonna list down All the reason which causes this between Naruto Vs Boruto.

Why Boruto Not As Popular as Naruto

boruto naruto anime
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Naruto Fans remember the series for its awesome amazing fights, interesting world-building, overpowered Villians, over the top fights scenes and fascinating animation but the case with Boruto is different as up till now in the series we haven’t actually seen an actual fight scene which is as fierce as was in naruto.Up until now, there is actually no major villain in Boruto.

1. Boruto Treatment Towards Naruto

 Most of the fans who have come to watch Boruto after coming from Naruto Knew this and is the main reason for the hate towards Naruto. 
Boruto Naruto next generation
The creator of Naruto wanted to show us the life of Naruto after the war and achieving the love and affection of people he wanted But the mistake they did was to show it from the perspective of Boruto who don’t know about Narutos hardship
and most of us old viewer cant actually accept that this show is not about Naruto but Boruto and this is with when new people to the franchise see it.
For them, Boruto treatment toward Naruto is satisfied cause they also don’t know about Naruto’s past.

2. Filler

People remember Naruto is being a filler rich episode and we knew that Boruto was going to follow the footsteps of his father in this regard but Boruto regarding fillers has gone ahead of Naruto out of 100 episodes 90 are fillers and doesn’t actually have any story which the Boruto series is following which cant make us connect with Boruto.
Boruto Naruto next generation

It has not started to make an animation out of the manga and all the fillers are in a sense very light content without fight scenes nor any story regarding the characters. 

3. No Story Line

As I said earlier the anime of Boruto is not following any story its just full of fillers which are only putting out random story outside which don’t connect the audience with the series. In the anime no character development has started, no plot , no action emotion , drama , none then why would audience actually return back and that reason of returning is only Naruto.
No major plot has been revealed which could have been the missing things in Naruto like story about the Otsutsuki Clan , or some fillers regarding the tailed beast or interaction of old generation with the young generation which actually made Naruto so goog.
Boruto Naruto next generation

In Naruto we had so many tragic incidents , many people lost their family, many people died,  the loneliness of Sasuke , Naruto , Gaara , Nagato and many more which made us sad towards and connected us to series with our feeling and all of this has been Missing from Boruto.

4. Making Naruto Weaker

Boruto Naruto next generation

Many Old fans of Naruto don’t like seeing this happening in the anime I will say it is not in the manga which is good but making Naruto weak in the anime is making alot of feeling frustrated and angry as we had seen him achieving all of that with his hard work and his efforts and making all other old generation seem very weak compared to the kids who have not even seen any war in their life make me at least very angry and it is also the reason which is making us fan not wanting to see our favourite character get defeated from just silly kids hand.

5. Character Of Boruto

In any anime, the first thing that anyone looks up to is the protagonist of the series . That character should have something in his character which could make the audience connect to him. When we saw Naruto for the first time we saw him causing the problem all around the village and when we come to knew about his loneliness in the very first chapter it made us connect to him.
Boruto Naruto next generation

But when we saw  Boruto we only saw a kid who was very skilled in using ninjutsu , had all the comfort of his life Had friend , everyone liked him and what was he doing. Disrespecting his father whom everyone respects and causing problem for him and the reason for it was that his father was busy doing everything in his hands for his village. This actually made us hate Boruto not connect with him.

6. Soft Core Anime

The Anime has in all those fillers that have been shown to us has been very bland without much of fights scenes, actions, blood, deaths happening and thrill that is very important if it’s trying to get the audience of Naruto as it also was a reason of Narutos success.
Boruto Naruto next generation

But in many places,it has been turned in a soft series as with the chunin exam which in NARUTO WAS FULL OF COOL action Boruto was about art classes which show it has turned into a kid animation.

7. Boruto Creator

And well the main reason for most of these happening is because of the author of Naruto and Boruto to be different. Naruto was written by Masashi Kishimoto and the author of Boruto is his assistant Ukyou Kodaichi.
Manga is the reflection of an artist and since the artist here is different there was bound to come to a difference in the way the story and character development takes place and well in actual it was not good for the anime. If Kishimoto comes back to Boruto then maybe it may start to get the attention and that missing element again but until then its gonna stay this softcore.
Boruto Naruto next generation

8. No Main Villian

In Naruto from the very start we have got to see many great Villians from the time Orochimaru was introduced with us getting to knew him being a legendary Sannin to the introduction of Itachi, Akatsuki, Madara, Obito and Otsutsuki we got to see many great villains in naruto and what Naruto was very good at was Making those Villians motives justifiable by making us understand their pain behind doing so.
Boruto Naruto next generation

But even till now in the anime other then Momoshiki no major villain has been shown and even Momoshiki role was also very low compared to the number of episodes already out.
The series definitely needs a major villain to start making the anime go forward. The manga in this regard is doing good as to show us a cool villain as Isshiki Otsutsuki.

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