Why luffy is called 5th emperor of sea

Why luffy is called 5th emperor of sea



When did Luffy Became a yonko

After the fight of Luffy with the big mom pirates Luffy had been called as the 5th emperor of the sea like Whitebeard, big mom kaido ,Shanks and Blackbeard the powerhouses of the sea they are as powerful single handedly as the whole marine force is required to stop any one of them.


We had seen this on the enies lobby when whitebeard attacked the marine headquarters to take away ace from them and for that only reason the marines had assembled an army of all the 3 marine admiral ,the 7 warlords ,All the vice admirals and garp ,sengoku and nearly most of its force just to stop 1 yonkou whitebeard and just stop not to kill him that wasn't even in their plan.


What does it mean to be a yonkou

A yonkou or a emperor of the sea this title is given to only a very pirates who had shown their power to the world and seemed to be a danger to the world government up until now we had only seen one case where a yonkou attacked the marines and that was whitebeard and his aim was not to attack but to retrieve ace but Dragon is not a yonkou but a revolutionary we will talk about this one thing for later.

How many emperor's are their of sea

Currently with Luffy their are 5 yonkou Luffy , kaido, big mom, Blackbeard and Shanks .Before the death of Whitebeard he was also a yonkou previously many fans thought that their can only be 4 yonkou cause after whitebeard died his place was given to Blackbeard but with Luffy becoming the 5th yonkou proved it wrong so their is no particular limit to being a yonkou but then your power should be the greatest among all the pirates and enough to even go against the whole world government with all the marines the admirals and all its force.

How Did Luffy Became The emperor of the sea

Luffy became the emperor of the sea just after his fight with big mom ended and he escaped but the spreading of this was done by " big news" morgan who was present on the day of the wedding and had seen all the fightand the blowing up of the bomb inside the Tamate baka box and which was inside their by accident but morgan thought that this was also a plan of Luffy and the straw hats pirate and he spread the rumor as him being someone as powerful in the world as big mom an yonkou in his newspaper all around the world.

The second thing how he became the emperor of the sea was alos because of his fleet of more than 6500 pirates under him mwhich happened without even the wish of luffy when Bartholoma ,Cavendish ,Leo,Hajrudin,Orlumpus and sai and many other pirates also joined him after the end of dressrosa arc which made his crew becoming of more than 6500 pirates the biggest fleet bigger than big mom and whitebeard.

Another thing which was a requirement of a yonkou is piece of land which was acquired by luffy in the Fishman Island when luffy announed the fishman island under his rule which made him a candidate of yonkou even closer.

Strenth Of Luffy Grand Fleet

Number and
    Group                            Structure                                               Ship(s)         

0 Monkey D. Luffy      Straw Hat       Pirates(10)Pirate crew and leading force of the fleet led by himself.Thousand Sunny
1 CavendishBeautiful Pirates (75)Pirate crew led by Cavendish.Sleeping White Horse of the Forest.
2 BartolomeoBarto Club (56)Pirate crew led by Bartolomeo, who was inspired by Luffy.Going Luffy-senpai.
3 SaiHappo Navy(1000)Large fleet currently led by Sai, the 13th commander.1 Happosai , and 7 Ipposai.
4 IdeoIdeo Pirates (4)Alliance between some former gladiators led by Ideo, later turned pirate crew.Unnamed ship.
5 LeoTontatta Pirates(200)Pirate crew led by Leo. Military forces of Tontatta Kingdom.Usoland
6 HajrudinNew Giant Warrior Pirates (5)All-giant pirate crew led by Hajrudin.Naglfar
7 OrlumbusYonta Maria Grand Fleet(4300)Large fleet led by adventurer Orlumbus.1 Yonta Maria, 5 Santa Maria, and 49 Nita Maria

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