Why Manga are published black and white

Well if you had read manga and comic then you would have seen a difference in them that is that manga are mostly made and published in black and white. So why is that and why can’t they be colored like comic as we see in the Western medium.

Why are manga b&w

The main reason behind this is mainly monetarily. In Japan the selling price of manga in the terms of the work given in it they are very cheap. For that the salary given to the person who draws and shade them is very low.

And in the making of the manga the very first part of chapters first is drawing and refining it which had to be done by hands and it takes a lot of time and they have very tight schedule. They have to publish a manga every week or so which make it very difficult and if they have to color on top of it will make the work a hell lot more difficult and time consuming.

And in Japan it is considered very bad to be late they have very great regard for discipline and the are most never late on deadlines.

And in comparison the American comics are not cheap and the pay ,the people get is also higher and there the schedule between each chapter can be much wide apart not every week but every month.

The second thing which causes the manga to be black and white is the quality of paper. The paper used in making comic is mostly cheaper unless it is a exclusive one but mostly they are cheap which result in the manga being cheap. And on that paper the color are not very easily able to give as much look and shine as with the glossy pages of American comic.

The third reason is related to the printing part after hand drawing part of manga is drawn and finished it goes to the publisher and there he had to put in printing machine and if you don’t know the printing cost and time increase with color added. This is because the machine in case of black and white only has to print black and shade of it on a white paper and paper don’t have to be set again and again but for each color the alignment time and cost increases.

The fourth reason is not all mangaka not even of many popular manga has a lot of worforce under him many of draw and shade manga on their own and even if the have assistant they had to organise the work very creativily so as to increase the speed and if he had to draw a page in color he had to do it himself.

The fifth reason is related to how they have been made from such a long time it’s a tradition to have manga in black and white and B&W in itself gives manga a greater sense of attraction and connection with them.

Manga which you can read in color

As we have already talked mangas are mostly black and white but seeing the popularity of a series or for trying out many fans in the community many a time color the manga by themself and down below if you like you can read these popular manga in color.

  • One piece
  • Yu yu hakusho
  • Kingdom
  • Naruto
  • Dragon Ball

Colored Manga – Manhwa

But there is an colored alternative to manga with the same great story and characters and that is the Korean version of manga manhwa or manhua. Manhwa are most based on light novels and since they have seen popularity in the form of novel and already a story there work reduces by some extent.

And manhwa which are now a days combined with webtoon are made on digital devices which make their costs even less and they have gained immense success from some years solo leveling one of the best story of 2021 was also a manhwa based on a light novel.

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