Why TVA He Who Remains Didn’t Stop Avengers from time travelling in End game

TVA or the time variant authority which was created by Kang or his variant He Who Remains to stop any interference with time Or thing which affects time to change.

Because he did not want the sacred timeline which he called the present time from branching out and making his evil variant.

Then there is a question in the mind of many marvel fans why did he not stop the avengers in the avengers end game from doing the time heist?

Didn’t it also affected the sacred timeline and why only this was allowed to happen.

So the reason of this I have given below read it and tell me what you think in the comment below.

Why TVA didn’t stop Avengers Time Heist

The avengers had came up with the idea of a time machine when ant man came back from the quantum realm and told others that the 5years in outer world was just 1hour there.

From there they got the idea that it could be used to get back in time before Thanos had snapped.

And also at that time Tony Stark was the one who finally made this time travel come true.

Now from this comes the reason why this was important for Kang.

Kang comes from the future and the person who invented time travel in marvel was Tony Stark and if It was not allowed to happen by Kang or he who remains then there will be no he who remains.

Because there is nearly not anyone else as smart as Tony Stark who could have invented time travel and the way to do so.

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